Details On Nogizaka46's 22nd Single Revealed

Details on Nogizaka46's 22nd single revealed

The details on Nogizaka46's 22nd single "Kaerimichi wa Toomawari Shitakunaru," to drop in stores on November 14, have been revealed. 

It will be the seventh time for Nishino Nanase, who will soon be graduating from the group, to serve as the center for a single. This will also be the last single for Wakatsuki Yumi who will also be graduating. As the coupling tracks, the single will include Nishino's solo song "Tsuzuku," the under members' new song "Nichijou," and "Caravan wa Nemuranai," which is sung by the young members of the group. In addition, Limited Editions C and D will include unit songs. 

Nogizaka46 Announce Title Of 22nd Single

Nogizaka46 announce title of 22nd single

Nogizaka46 have announced the title of their 22nd single to be released on November 14. 

The title of the group's upcoming single will be "Kaerimichi wa Toomawari Shitakunaru." This will be the last single for Nishino Nanase, Wakatsuki Yumi, and Noujou Ami, who have all announced their graduation from the group. 

Nogiaka46's Ito Marika To Release 1st Photo Book On 22nd Birthday

Nogiaka46's Ito Marika to release 1st photo book on 22nd birthday

Ito Marika, who is set to graduate from Nogizaka46 at the end of the year, will release her first solo photo book (currently untitled) on her 22nd birthday, February 20. 

Ito has been demonstrating her artistic sense like opening her first exhibition 'Ito Marika no Nounai Hakurankai' in October. Her upcoming photo book was shot in Hong Kong with the theme "a strange graduation trip." Those who purchase the book will receive a post card (1 out of 4 types).

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