9nine To Digitally Release New Song 'kokudou Summer Love'

9nine to digitally release new song 'Kokudou Summer Love'

9nine will digitally release a new song titled "Kokudou Summer Love" on July 27.

This announcement was made on July 18 during a special program on SHOWROOM. On the song, the members commented, "It's THE 'SUMMER' Song," "I really love the rhythm," and "It's a song that refreshes your summer."

9nine To Hold 9th Anniversary Live

9nine to hold 9th anniversary live

9nine will hold an anniversary live, commemorating nine years since Yoshii Kanae and Murata Hirona joined the group, on September 16 at Zepp Tokyo. 

9nine restarted their activities when Yoshii and Murata joined on September 9, 2010. After Kawashima Umika graduated in July of 2016, the group has been active with just four members. 

9nine To Hold A Concert On New Year's Day

9nine to hold a concert on New Year's Day9nine have announced that they will hold a live concert, titled "9nine New Year One-Man Live - Saku," on New Year's Day at Zepp Tokyo.
This was announced by the members on September 9 during their one-man live "9nine LIVE 2016 Kugatsu Kokonoka wa 9nine ni Hi ~9nine to meet you !~" at shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE.

9nine New Album Details Revealed

9nine new album details revealedThe details and jacket covers for 9nine’s new album, “CUE“, have been revealed.

“CUE” is 9nine’s 2nd album after becoming a 5-member group. Maeyamada Kenichi, tofubeats, and Takano Mandokoro produced the album. It will come with a total of 13 tracks, including their latest single, “colorful“.

9nine Reveals Jacket Covers For White Wishes

9nine reveals jacket covers for White WishesThe jacket covers for 9nine’s upcoming single, “White Wishes“, have been revealed!

The title track is currently being used as the ending theme for TV Tokyo’s anime, ‘Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun‘, and it’s a Christmas song that describes the romance of a high school student. For its coupling track, the single will contain a tofubeats‘ remix version of their 8th single, “Chiku Taku?2NITE“.