Table Mini Golf Putts To Sony Ps Vita On April 9th

Table Mini Golf Putts to Sony PS Vita on April 9thIt’s my pleasure to introduce you to a brand new game in the AR Play family of PlayStation Vita titles – Table Mini Golf (no, not table putt-putt – sorry Mid-west)!

Like the previous games in the AR Play series, Table Mini Golf is a bite-sized game with monster-sized scope – you’ll use the AR Play cards to construct dozens of mini-golf courses across most flat surfaces of your choosing, and then pick one of three stylish characters to show off your putting skills in style.

Guacamelee! Body Slams Sony Ps3, Ps Vita April 9th

Guacamelee! Body Slams Sony PS3, PS Vita April 9thWe’re excited to finally announce our launch date and pricing details for Guacamelee! The game will be released on April 9th in the Americas, and will support Cross-Buy for $14.99. This means you buy the game once and get both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. And that’s not all… there’s also a Platinum Trophy!