Check Out The Pv For Aaa's New Song 'egao No Loop'

Check out the PV for AAA's new song 'Egao no Loop'

AAA have revealed the PV for their new song "Egao no Loop." 

"Egao no Loop" will be released as AAA's new single on January 9. In the PV, you can see the members relaxing in a room full of flowers and plants. 

Aaa's Atae Shinjiro Announce New Album & Tour For 30th Birthday

AAA's Atae Shinjiro announce new album & tour for 30th birthday

AAA's Atae Shinjiro will release an anniversary album titled "THIS IS WHO I AM" on his 30th birthday, November 26. In addition, he will hold an anniversary live of the same title in February and March of next year. 

On Twitter, Atae wrote, "Everyone, please look forward to it. Thank you so so so much for always supporting me. I love all of my fans too much!! Love you." The album will be released in four types: Complete Production Edition, Limited Edition, Regular Edition with DVD, and Regular Edition CD-Only. The Complete Production Edition will enclose a photo book that was taken in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. 

Aaa's Nishijima Takahiro & Uno Misako Sing 'beauty And The Beast'

AAA's Nishijima Takahiro & Uno Misako sing 'Beauty and the Beast'

A video of AAA members Nishijima Takahiro and Uno Misako singing "Beauty and the Beast" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

As you may know, "Beauty and the Beast" is the theme song for the latest Disney film starring Emma Watson. On April 19, Uno posted a photo of herself and Nishijima on her Instagram and reported that they attended the preview of the film. "Stories of dreams will make your heart flutter even when you become an adult. Nissy was crying beside me... All of the songs were wonderful, but the theme song duet of #beautyandthebeast was the best," she said. 

Aaa's Urata Naoya Sheds A Tear In Pv For 'sora'

AAA's urata naoya sheds a tear in PV for 'Sora'

AAA pioneer urata naoya has revealed the PV for his new tune "Sora". 

"Sora" is the lead track to his best in class accumulation "open" to be released on April 26. The PV parallels one's mental conflict with the developing sky. You can see scenes of urata hanging out under an umbrella and shedding tears in a white room. 

Aaa's Original Album Tops Oricon Weekly Chart For The First Time

AAA's original album tops Oricon weekly chart for the first timeCo-ed 7 member group AAA's 8th original album "Eighth Wonder" (released for sale September 18), sold 46,000 copies in the first week of release and topped the 9/30 Oricon Ranking chart for the first time ever with an original album. 
This is the second time in 2 years that they have topped the chart, with their best-of album "#AAABEST" topping the 9/26 Oricon Chart in 2011. For their original albums, the highest rank they have achieved up until now was second.

2013 Mazda5 Named To Aaa's List Of Top Cars For Growing Families

Enhanced Mazda5 now availableThe 2013 Mazda5 today was named to AAA's list of "Top Cars for Growing Families" as chosen by the organization's auto-buying experts nationwide. The award-winning multi-activity vehicle offers an unmatched combination of functionality, design and performance in a just-right-sized package. AAA's latest top vehicle list – the first to focus on family-friendly vehicles – targeted expanding families needing more room, easy handling and dependability when shopping for a new vehicle.

Aaa's New Song 'mask' To Be Used In Movie 'tiger Mask'

AAA's new song 'MASK' to be used in movie 'Tiger Mask'AAA's new song "MASK" has been chosen as the theme song for Wentz Eiji's upcoming movie, 'Tiger Mask'.

Member Hidaka Mitsuhiro commented, "How we live, what we fight against, and what awaits us ahead... Because we are in times of doubt and conflict, we hope that this song will become the Japanese fighter's anthem."