Abe Offers Johnson New Economic Partnership

Abe offers Johnson new economic partnership

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has promised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to work to build a new economic partnership between the two countries after Britain leaves the EU.

In an approximately 20-minute telephone conversation on Saturday, Abe congratulated Johnson for his ruling Conservative Party's landslide victory in the general election earlier this month.

Abe To Outline Sdf Dispatch In Talks With Rouhani

Abe to outline SDF dispatch in talks with Rouhani

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to explain the objectives of a planned Self-Defense Force dispatch to the Middle East in his meeting with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani.

Abe will meet Rouhani on Friday, the first day of the president's two-day visit to Japan.

China: Xi To Meet Abe Next Week

China: Xi to meet Abe next week

China's Foreign Ministry says President Xi Jinping will meet Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe next week.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui made the announcement to reporters on Thursday.

Govt. To Ok Sdf Dispatch After Abe-rouhani Summit

Govt. to OK SDF dispatch after Abe-Rouhani summit

Japan's Cabinet is set to green-light the dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces to the Middle East after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe briefs Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the mission's objective.

The governing coalition parties approved on Tuesday a draft Cabinet decision to send a destroyer and a patrol plane to the region to help ensure the safe navigation of commercial ships.

Abe To Visit China Before Christmas

Abe to visit China before Christmas

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit China later this month to attend a three-way summit with Chinese and South Korean leaders.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga disclosed the information on Wednesday. His statement followed the Chinese government's announcement that the summit will be held in Sichuan Province on December 24.

Abe Vows To Amend The Constitution

Abe vows to amend the Constitution

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed a strong determination to carry out constitutional amendments.

Speaking to reporters after the extraordinary session of the Diet was adjourned on Monday, Abe acknowledged the road will be rocky, but he is determined to get it done himself.

Abe May Visit Saudi Arabia, Uae Next Month

Abe may visit Saudi Arabia, UAE next month

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may visit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as early as next month to seek understanding of his government's plan to send a Self-Defense Force aircraft and vessel to the Middle East.

The Japanese government is considering the dispatch to gather more information to ensure that commercial ships with ties to Japan can safely navigate waters in the region.

Abe Mao To Release New Album & Hold Nationwide Hall Tour To Commemorate 11th Anniversary

Abe Mao to release new album & hold nationwide hall tour to commemorate 11th anniversary

Abe Mao will release her new album "Mada Ikemasu" on January 22, 2020. 

This was announced on November 8 at the TSUTAYA O-EAST concert of her tour 'Abe Mao Hikikatari Live 2019.' The album will be released a day after her 11th year anniversary day, and it will contain a total of 11 songs including "Koe," which is the opening theme for TV anime 'Shoumetsu Toshi,' "Kimi no Uta," which is the theme song for movie 'Cheer Danshi!!' and "Doushimasuka, Anata nara," which is the theme song for NHK drama 'Kore wa Keihi de Ochimasen!' The Limited Edition will come with a DVD containing the PVs for the three songs. 

Abe Denies Allegations Over Party Guests

Abe denies allegations over party guests

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the list of guests invited to an annual cherry blossom-viewing party in April was disposed of as scheduled and denied that it was related to a disclosure request by an opposition lawmaker.

Abe made the remarks while replying to a question from a member of his Liberal Democratic Party in the Upper House on Monday.

Abe Vows To Fight Prejudice Against Leprosy

Abe vows to fight prejudice against leprosy

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged that his government will fight to eradicate discrimination and prejudice against former leprosy patients and their families.

Abe met family members of former patients at the prime minister's office on Tuesday following the recent enactment of a law that offers them relief payments of up to about 16,500 dollars.

Abe Hints At Reviewing Cherry Blossom Party

Abe hints at reviewing cherry blossom party

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has indicated the possibility of downsizing an annual cherry blossom viewing party now under scrutiny. He expressed regret that the event grew so big, citing ambiguousness in selecting guests.

Opposition parties have been accusing Abe of using the publicly funded event to entertain supporters from his constituency.

Abe Becomes Japan's Longest-serving Prime Minister

Abe becomes Japan's longest-serving prime minister

Shinzo Abe has become Japan's longest-serving prime minister, breaking a record set over a century ago. Prime Minister Abe's total tenure reached 2,887 days on Wednesday.

Abe told reporters on Wednesday morning, "Each and every day I have done my best to carry out the policies I promised the Japanese people I would. I believe I was able to reach this day through those efforts."

Abe Becomes Japan's Longest-serving Pm

Abe becomes Japan's longest-serving PM

Shinzo Abe has become Japan's longest-serving prime minister after breaking a record set more than a century ago.

Abe's total tenure reached 2,887 days on Wednesday. Abe first became prime minister in 2006 but resigned a year later over health issues. Since returning to the top post in December 2012, he has worked to revive the economy, promote work-style reforms and provide childcare support.