Budget Deliberations Canceled After Abe's Heckling

Budget deliberations canceled after Abe's heckling

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's heckling during a Diet debate has angered opposition parties, leading to the cancellation of budget deliberations in the Lower House Budget Committee scheduled on Thursday.

Abe jeered a lawmaker of the opposition Constitutional Democratic Party during the deliberations of the fiscal 2020 budget at the committee on Wednesday, saying, "Those questions were meaningless."

Abe's Visit To India To Be Postponed

Abe's visit to India to be postponed

The Japanese government plans to reschedule Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to India. The move comes amid intensifying violence in parts of the country he is due to visit.

Abe was due to leave Japan for India on Sunday for the three-day trip.

N.korea Questions Abe's No Preconditions Remark

N.Korea questions Abe's no preconditions remark

A senior North Korean official has reportedly questioned a statement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he aims to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un without any preconditions.

Song Il Ho, the ambassador for normalizing ties with Japan, met with a Japanese delegation in Pyongyang on Wednesday.

Former Aide Denies Abe's Instruction

Former aide denies Abe's instruction

A former secretary to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Abe did not instruct him to convey concerns to the labor ministry about a key monthly survey.

Motoya Nakae testified as an unsworn witness at a Lower House Budget Committee meeting on Monday.

Political Enemies Clash Over Kagoike Letter To Akie Abe's Aide

Political adversaries encounter over Kagoike letter to Akie Abe's aide

A letter that beset Yasunori Kagoike sent to an administration associate doled out to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's significant other is the most recent confirmation the decision and resistance gatherings are jousting over in the Moritomo Gakuen scandal.

Ruling coalition legislators guarantee that Kagoike, the head of the Osaka-based non-public school administrator, got nothing as an end-result of the solicitations illustrated in the letter.

Shiga Poll Outcome Deals Heavy Blow To Abe’s Nuclear Agenda

Shiga poll outcome deals heavy blow to Abe’s nuclear agendaVoters in Shiga Prefecture gave a sharp “no” to the Abe administration’s rush to restart idled nuclear reactors.
Taizo Mikazuki, 43, who was anointed as the successor to outgoing Shiga Governor Yukiko Kada, won the prefecture’s gubernatorial election on July 13, edging out the ruling coalition-backed Takashi Koyari, a 47-year-old former industry ministry official and adviser to the Abe Cabinet, and the other contenders. Mikazuki ran on a promise to adopt Kada’s policy of breaking away from Japan's dependence on nuclear energy.

Akihiko Reizei: Abe's Thoughtless Actions Damaging Japan's Own Interests

Akihiko Reizei: Abe's thoughtless actions damaging Japan's own interestsWashington was not sure how to react to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration when it was formed yet again on December 2012. Since then, the U.S. government has gained a better understanding of Abe’s directions, and it doesn’t bode well for international relations and the future of Japan, according to Akihiko Reizei, writer and journalist residing in United States.