About 900,000 Ordered To Evacuate In Kyushu

About 900,000 ordered to evacuate in Kyushu

Nearly 900,000 people in the southwestern Japanese region of Kyushu have been ordered to evacuate as continuing heavy rain may trigger mudslides or other threats.

In Kagoshima Prefecture, evacuation orders are in place for the cities of Kagoshima, Hioki, Minamisatsuma, Aira, Tarumizu, Kanoya, and Minamikyushu.

Sony Thinking About Buying Development Studios

Sony Thinking About Buying Development Studios

Microsoft has acquired quite a few development studios over the years who have worked on titles for the Xbox One and PC. Sony didn’t follow in its footsteps but it appears that the Japanese giant is now thinking about doing the same thing. Sony has confirmed that it’s thinking about buying development studios.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan confirmed to Nikkei that the company is thinking about acquiring game development studios. Ryan believes that the content will now become more important than ever as major tech companies like Google enter the market with their game streaming services.

Japan To Alert Owners About Malware Infections

Japan to alert owners about malware infections

Owners of internet-connected devices in Japan that have been infected with malware may receive an alert from the government alert starting this week. The notification system is part of the government's efforts to boost cyber security in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year.

The research arm of the communications ministry launched a test in February to check the vulnerability of the Internet of Things in homes and offices. Experts targeted more than 200 million devices to see if they could detect malicious software.

Abe Briefs Trump About Iran Visit

Abe briefs Trump about Iran visit

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says US President Donald Trump has expressed gratitude for his visit to Iran and efforts to help ease tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Abe spoke with Trump by phone on Friday evening after returning to Japan from a trip to Iran.

Nissan Is Optimistic About Fca Partnership, But Wants The Right Terms

Nissan is optimistic about FCA partnership, but wants the right terms

BEIJING – Nissan is optimistic about partnering with a combined Renault and Fiat Chrysler (FCA), as long as it can protect the ownership of technology developed over two decades of working with Renault, a senior executive told Reuters.

The executive, who declined to be identified because he is not authorized to speak to the media, said he was cautiously optimistic about the possibility of generating "synergies" by sharing Nissan's autonomous drive know-how, electrification and greenhouse-gas-scrubbing technologies for powertrains.

Abe, Trump Talk About N.korea, Iran, Trade

Abe, Trump talk about N.Korea, Iran, trade

The leaders of Japan and the US are continuing talks on a number of pressing matters like North Korea. Afterwards, President Donald Trump is set to meet with the families of Japanese nationals abducted by the North decades ago.
They hope he can help bring their loved ones home.

Earlier, Prime Minister Abe and Trump highlighted the strength of their countries' alliance.

Emperor's Abdication Ceremony About To Start

Emperor's abdication ceremony about to start

Japan is mere hours away from the end of an era. Emperor Akihito will abdicate at the end of Tuesday -- bringing the three-decade-long Heisei Era to a close.

As that happens, people here will witness a new era begin. Crown Prince Naruhito will ascend the throne immediately.

Facts About The Imperial Palace's Matsu-no-ma

Facts about the Imperial Palace's Matsu-no-Ma

Key ceremonies related to the abdication and accession will be held in the State Room, or Seiden-Matsu-no-Ma, of the Imperial Palace.

It's considered the most prestigious hall in the Palace.
It's about 370 square meters in size, with an 8 meter high ceiling... and is the only hall in the Palace with a wooden floor. It's made of zelkova... a tree known for its beautiful grain and durability.

5 Questions Answered About The 2020 Toyota Highlander

5 questions answered about the 2020 Toyota Highlander

The 2020 Toyota Highlander has debuted at the New York Auto Show, and we've had our first look at what is largely an evolution of this highly successful mid-size, three-row crossover. Although checking it out in person answered some of our questions, we got a chance to interview the Highlander's chief engineer Yoshikazu Saeki about the rest.

Here are five questions we asked and had answered here in New York about the all-new Highlander.

Toyota C-hr Gets New Base Trim That's About $1,400 Cheaper

Toyota C-HR gets new base trim that's about $1,400 cheaper

Toyota has announced pricing and trim levels for the 2019 C-HR crossover. A rather substantial price drop for the cheapest C-HR is at hand: while the 2018 C-HR started at $23,410 for the XLE trim, the new base C-HR, the LE starts from $20,995 excluding destination fees, or $22,090 with them.

Earlier, Toyota only offered the C-HR with two trim levels, the XLE and XLE Premium, but the latter has now been removed, and there are three versions. The LE's introduction means a touch of de-contenting, as the base model is offered with 17-inch steel wheels and a plastic steering wheel. While there are LED DRLs, the headlights are halogen. Still, even the LE gets the 8-inch touchscreen that is Apple CarPlay compatible, and dynamic radar cruise control. As well as the DRCC, all models get Toyota's Safety Sense suite that includes collision avoidance systems such as automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection and steering-assisting lane keeper.