Film About Slain Doctor Nakamura Screened In Tokyo

Film about slain doctor Nakamura screened in Tokyo

A citizens' group has screened a documentary in Tokyo about Tetsu Nakamura, a Japanese doctor and humanitarian worker who was shot dead in Afghanistan.

About 200 people attended the event at a university on Sunday.

Fbi Warns About The Security Risks Of Smart Tvs

FBI Warns About The Security Risks Of Smart TVs

It is the shopping season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals across the Internet for gadgets and online services.

You also get a bunch of great deals for smart TVs just in time before Christmas – which should be a good time for purchases.

Police Inform Foreigners About Japan's Laws

Police inform foreigners about Japan's laws

Japanese police are trying to encourage foreign visitors not to break the law ahead of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games next year.

About 120 people, including foreign students, attended a seminar in Tokyo's Koto Ward on Saturday.

Naha Mayor Concerned About Impact On Tourism

Naha mayor concerned about impact on tourism

The mayor of Naha City has expressed concern that the Shuri Castle fire may have a negative impact on Okinawa's tourism industry.

Mikiko Shiroma told reporters on Thursday that she is saddened by the loss of the historic estate that is a symbol of Okinawa.

Sony's New Coding And Robotics Kit Will Help Kids Learn About Technology

Sony's New Coding And Robotics Kit Will Help Kids Learn About Technology

While we wait for more educational institutions and governments to maybe put that into practice, in the meantime, it seems that Sony is laying the foundations of educational tools by announcing the KOOV Trial Kit, the company’s second coding, robotics, and design kit to its STEAM education offerings.

This follows the launch of the KOOV Educator Kit which was launched back in 2018, and has been designed to be an abbreviated take on the kit, where it would introduce core skills in coding, robotics, and design. This will help students develop the necessary basic skills as well as the thought processes behind it.

About 480 Flights Cancelled Due To Tropical Storm

About 480 flights cancelled due to tropical storm

Airline companies operating in Japan have canceled about 480 domestic flights scheduled for Sunday and Monday due to severe tropical storm Tapah.

The flights are mostly to and from the southwestern island of Kyushu, including airports in Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Saga.

Arrested Stepfather Talks About Killing Boy

Arrested stepfather talks about killing boy

Police on Thursday arrested the stepfather of a 9-year-old boy who was found dead on suspicion of abandoning a body. The man has admitted to the killing, allegedly saying he became mad when the stepson talked back to him and called him "not his biological father."

Ryosuke Shindo's body was found in the predawn hours of Wednesday on the grounds of the apartment building in which his family lives in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo. He had been strangled to death.

Children Learn About A-bomb On Streetcar

Children learn about A-bomb on streetcar

Children have learned about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima aboard a streetcar that was damaged in the blast of August, 1945.

Hiroshima Institute for Peace Education arranged for about 90 people to travel around the city on the streetcar on Sunday.