More Rain On The Way Across Japan

More rain on the way across Japan

Weather officials in Japan are warning that heavy rain could cause landslides and flooding in low-lying areas across the country.

The Meteorological Agency says warm, damp air blowing into the seasonal rain front is bringing heavy rain mainly to the southwestern island of Kyushu.

Intense Heat Continues Across Japan

Intense heat continues across Japan

Unseasonably hot weather continues in many parts of Japan on Monday.

Weather officials say a warm air mass is staying over the country after bringing record temperatures for the month of May to the northern prefecture of Hokkaido on Sunday.

Abortion Rights Campaigns Across The Us

Abortion rights campaigns across the US

Abortion rights supporters rallied across the United States on Tuesday to protest the recent spate of anti-abortion state laws.

Several states have enacted restrictive laws since last year. Alabama state senate passed a bill last week that bans abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. It allows exceptions only when there are serious health risks to the mother or unborn child.

Local Elections Across Japan

Local elections across Japan

In Japan, voting for mayors and municipal assemblies has begun in the second round of local elections. Lower House by-elections are also taking place. The polls are viewed as forerunners to the Upper House elections this summer.

Polling stations started opening at 7 a.m. on Sunday. In all, 721 elections are being held for mayors and municipal assembly seats.

Voters Across Japan Head To The Polls

Voters across Japan head to the polls

People across Japan are heading to the polls on Sunday to elect governors, mayors and local lawmakers. For national parties, it's an opportunity to fortify their base in the lead up to Upper House elections this summer.

Polling stations began opening at 7 a.m. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Komeito are hoping for big wins to ensure their political agenda maintains momentum. But opposition parties see Sunday's vote as an opportunity to chip away at the ruling bloc.

Voters Across Japan Get Set To Cast Ballots

Voters across Japan get set to cast ballots

People across Japan are heading to the polls on Sunday to elect governors, mayors and local lawmakers.

For national parties, it's an opportunity to fortify their base in the lead up to Upper House elections this summer.

Warm Weather Across Japan

Warm weather across Japan

Temperatures rose across Japan on Wednesday, with the mercury topping 20 degrees Celsius in central Tokyo for the first time this year.

Daytime highs were 21.5 degrees in central Tokyo and 20.8 in the southwestern city of Nagasaki. The temperatures are usual for April and May.

Flu Outbreak Spreads Across Japan

Flu outbreak spreads across Japan

Japan's health ministry says an influenza outbreak has now spread across the country, with the estimated number of patients exceeding 2.1 million.

The ministry says the average number of patients at around 5,000 medical facilities nationwide was 53.91 in the week through last Sunday.

Rubella Infections Starting To Spread Across Japan

Rubella infections starting to spread across Japan

Health officials in Japan say nearly 2,000 people have contracted rubella, or German measles, this year.
The infections are spreading from the Tokyo metropolitan area to other parts of the country.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo announced on Tuesday that 154 new cases were reported in the week up to November 4th, bringing the total to 1,884.

Heavy Rainfall Across Many Regions In Japan

Heavy rainfall across many regions in Japan

Heavy rain is battering wide areas of Japan. Weather officials warn that if rainfall continues to increase there is a risk of landslides and swollen rivers.

The severe weather is being caused by a rain front extending across the region, as well as an influx of moist air.

Flights, Bullet Trains Suspended Across Hokkaido

Flights, bullet trains suspended across Hokkaido

Public transit has also been paralyzed across the island prefecture.

Aviation authorities canceled all flights at New Chitose Airport on Thursday. The country's transport ministry says a partial ceiling collapse and burst water pipes have shut down the airport's terminal. Workers are also checking runways for damage.

Quake Triggers Massive Blackout Across Hokkaido

Quake triggers massive blackout across Hokkaido

Nearly 3 million households throughout Hokkaido are without power following the strong earthquake that struck the northern prefecture early on Thursday morning.

The industry ministry says the tremor shut down the largest thermal power plant in Hokkaido, the Tomato-Atsuma plant, which in turn led to a shutdown of all other thermal and hydro plants in the prefecture.

Intense Heat To Continue Across Japan

Intense heat to continue across Japan

Intense heat continues to grip much of Japan, with temperatures soaring to record levels.

The hot weather is expected to continue on Saturday. The Meteorological Agency says daytime highs could reach 39 degrees Celsius in the city of Kyoto, 38 degrees in Gifu and Kofu, 37 degrees in Osaka and Nagoya, 36 degrees in Hiroshima and 35 degrees in central Tokyo.