Rip Slyme's Su Left Agency + Group Activities Halted Last Year

RIP SLYME's SU left agency + group activities halted last year

It's been reported that RIP SLYME's SU had left his agency. In an interview with ORICON STYLE, the agency confirmed, "He has already resigned. We do not understand the reason for the timing."

The other RIP SLYME members RYO-Z, ILMARI, PES, and FUMIYA are still signed with the agency. In addition, SU has shut down his Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Arashi Pop Group To Suspend Activities In 2020

Arashi pop group to suspend activities in 2020

A Japanese pop group, Arashi, will suspend its activities at the end of 2020. The news has shocked fans in Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

The group posted a video message on its official fan club website on Sunday. Arashi's leader, Satoshi Ohno, says they had discussed his proposal to go their separate ways at the end of next year. He says he told the other members that he would like to have the freedom to continue his own career.

Kawamura Ryuichi To Resume His Activities With Church Tour

Kawamura Ryuichi to resume his activities with church tour

It's been announced that Kawamura Ryuichi will hold a nationwide tour called 'Ryuichi Kawamura Presents No Mic, One Speaker Concert at Church Tour 2019 ~anastasis~ #001' from February to April. 

As previously reported, Kawamura received surgery for lung cancer on January 11. The upcoming tour is an annual tour that he has been holding, performing at churches across the country. He and guitarist Fukuda Shinichiro will visit ten churches for this tour. 

Elephant Kashimashi's Miyamoto Hiroji To Start His Solo Activities

Elephant Kashimashi's Miyamoto Hiroji to start his solo activities

Miyamoto Hiroji's (Elephant Kashimashi) song "Fuyu no Hana" has been picked up as the theme song for Fuji TV's drama 'Gosaigyo' to premiere on January 22. 

'Gosaigyo' tells the story of Takeuchi Sayoko, a woman who targets elderly men and marries them to receive their inheritances. Kimura Yoshino plays the protagonist, and is supported by Takahashi Katsunori, Kimura Tae, Hamada Mari, and Izumiya Shigeru. 

Ariyasu Momoka Resumes Her Activities + Launches Independent Agency

Ariyasu Momoka resumes her activities + launches independent agency

On January 15, former Momoiro Clover Z member Ariyasu Momoka updated her Twitter account announcing that she has launched an independent agency and will be resuming her activities. 

It's almost been a year since Ariyasu graduated from Momoclo. In a handwritten message, she declared, "I, Ariyasu Momoka, will be starting my activities to convey my expressions through music and photography."

Flumpool Resume Their Activities

flumpool resume their activities

flumpool have resumed their activities. 

flumpool had been on hiatus since December of 2017 due to vocalist Yamamura Ryuta's throat condition. On New Year's Eve, Yamamura appeared on a radio program for fan club members and said, "On the day the band formed, January 13, I want to hold a street live in our hometown of Osaka." After that, the members talked about it, and they held a surprise concert on January 13 at Tennoji Park in Osaka. 

Yamamoto Sayaka Kicks Off Her Solo Activities With A Tour

Yamamoto Sayaka kicks off her solo activities with a tour

Yamamoto Sayaka, who graduated from NMB48 in November, has officially started her solo activities. She will be holding a nationwide tour titled 'I'm ready' from February to June. 

This is actually Yamamoto's third solo tour (2016, 2017). The upcoming tour will kick off on February 23 in Saitama, and will wrap up on June 2 in Okinawa for a total of 27 shows. 

Matsuda Yumi Ends Her Activities In Hkt48

Matsuda Yumi ends her activities in HKT48

HKT48 member Matsuda Yumi has ended her activities with the group. 

On HKT48's official website, it states that this decision was made by Matsuda herself. Details regarding the handshake events and other events she was scheduled to participate in will be announced later. 

Yamamoto Yusuke To Resume His Activities

Yamamoto Yusuke to resume his activities

Actor Yamamoto Yusuke has landed the lead role in the stage play 'Tonari no Hall Star' to be shown at Shinjuku's Sun Mall Studio next March. 

This was announced on Yamamoto's independent agency's website. It will be his first acting gig since his contract with Ever Green Entertainment was terminated in March of 2017. 

Ikimonogakari To Resume Their Activities

Ikimonogakari to resume their activities

Ikimonogakari, who halted their activities and entered a 'grazing period' on January 5, 2017, have announced that they will be resuming their activities on their anniversary date, November 3. 

The members commented, "We will make a fresh start and face each day so that everyone will enjoy our music and activities.

King & Prince's Iwahashi Genki To Temporarily Halt His Activities

King & Prince's Iwahashi Genki to temporarily halt his activities

It's been announced the King & Prince member Iwahashi Genki will be temporarily halting his activities for treatment of panic disorder. 

Iwahashi had been battling panic disorder ever since he was a young boy. After King & Prince made their major debut in May, it became difficult for him to find a balance between his mind and body. Since he will be receiving continuous treatment, he will be able to continue his activities. However, a specialist suggested that he devote himself to treatment while he is still young. After discussion with the members, staff, and other persons concerned, it was decided that he will be taking a temporary break. He will not be participating in the stage play 'JOHNNY'S King & Prince IsLAND' that's scheduled for December. 

Ngt48's Kado Yuria To Halt Her Activities For A Month

NGT48's Kado Yuria to halt her activities for a month

NGT48 member Kado Yuria will be taking a break from her group activities beginning September 24. 

On the group's official website, an explanation has been published, stating, "She had been experiencing back pain from before and had been continuing her activities while monitoring her condition. After examination at the hospital the other day, it was decided that she take a break for about a month as she was at the risk of getting worse." She will resume her activities upon consultation with the doctor.

Maximum The Hormone To Halt Their Live Activities

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE to halt their live activities

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE have announced that they will be halting their live activities. 

The band explained that Daisuke-han has been diagnosed with severe hernia. According to their Twitter account (@MTH_OFFICIAL), Daisuke-han was already in the condition where he needed surgery in mid-August. However, he wanted to appear in summer festivals, but did not want to worry his fans. As such, he decided to wait until the festivals were over to make the announcement. Although it's unclear when the band will be resuming their live activities, Daisuke-han hopes to heal completely in order to make a comeback.