Android Q Will Be Adding Support For 3d Touch-like Gesture

Android Q Will Be Adding Support For 3D Touch-Like Gesture

When Apple first launched 3D Touch, it was rumored that Android handset makers could be looking to follow suit with 3D Touch like features of their own. However, it seems that 3D Touch never quite took off the way Apple had hoped and for the most part, pressure-sensitive displays are a rare find on Android handsets, if at all.

Now it seems that according to a report from 9to5Google, it looks like with Android Q, Google could be looking to introduce a similar gesture to the Android operating system. Of course, Google can’t magically create pressure-sensitive displays on Android handsets, but rather this will be support for “deep presses”.

Google Adding Support For Nintendo Switch Controllers To Chrome

Google Adding Support For Nintendo Switch Controllers To Chrome

We know that Google is looking to get into video game streaming as they ran a small test back in 2018 where gamers would stream games through the Chrome browser. In fact later this month at GDC, Google is expected to unveil more of their plans and leading up to the event, we might have an idea of what to expect.

As spotted by Owen Williams on Twitter, it appears that Google is adding support for the Nintendo Switch controllers to its Chrome browser. What does this mean? This means that in theory you should be able to play games through Chrome using your Nintendo Switch controllers if you prefer.

Toyota Investing $750m, Adding 600 Jobs At 5 U.s. Plants

Toyota investing $750M, adding 600 jobs at 5 U.S. plants

BUFFALO, W.Va. — Toyota on Thursday announced it is investing an additional $750 million at five U.S. plants that will bring nearly 600 new jobs, including the production of two hybrid vehicles for the first time at its Kentucky facility. It marks yet another expansion of the Japanese automaker's U.S. presence, bringing to nearly $13 billion the amount it will spend by 2021. The latest investments are at facilities in Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia. Those same facilities were part of a 2017 announcement by Toyota for a $374 million investment to support production of its first American-made hybrid powertrain. Toyota Motor North America CEO Jim Lentz said the latest investments "represent even more examples of our long-term commitment to build where we sell. By boosting our U.S. manufacturing footprint, we can better serve our customers and dealers and position our manufacturing plants for future success with more domestic capacity." Toyota's Georgetown, Kentucky, facility will get a $238 million infusion to produce hybrid versions of Lexus ES 300 sedans starting in May and the Rav4 SUV starting in January 2020, the company announced. It also includes $288 million to increase annual engine capacity at Toyota's Huntsville, Alabama, facility. The plant will add 450 jobs to accommodate new four-cylinder and V6 engine production lines. Last year Toyota and Mazda announced plans to build a $1.6 billion joint-venture plant in Huntsville that will eventually employ about 4,000 people. Toyota also is spending $62 million on equipment to boost production of Toyota and Lexus cylinder heads at its Bodine Aluminum facility in Troy, Missouri, as part of its cost-saving New Global Architecture production strategy to share common parts and components among different vehicles. A $50 million expansion and equipment upgrade at its Bodine plant in Jackson, Tennessee, will add 13 jobs and produce engine blocks while doubling the capacity of hybrid transaxle cases and housings. And Toyota will add 123 jobs and spent $111 million to expand its plant and purchase equipment in Buffalo, West Virginia, to double the capacity of hybrid transaxles. Previously, Toyota also announced a $600 million investment at its Princeton, Indiana, plant to increase the capacity of its Highlander SUV and to incorporate the new production strategy, and $170 million to launch the 2020 Corolla on a new production line in Blue Springs, Mississippi.

2020 Toyota Corolla First Drive Review | Reaching Higher, Adding A Hybrid

2020 Toyota Corolla First Drive Review | Reaching higher, adding a hybrid

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Since the model's introduction in 1966, more Toyota Corollas have been sold than any other nameplate in the world. In 2018, the Corolla got a big makeover when Toyota introduced the 2019 Corolla Hatchback as a replacement to the Corolla iM. That was our first promising taste of what was to come from the newest generation. Now, the rest of the Corolla lineup has arrived in sedan form. It's also the first time Toyota is offering a hybrid version of its affordable Everyman's commuter.

Despite sales figures, the Corolla hasn't always been the most exciting. As we've said in the past, "It's basically the official car of people who literally could not care any less about cars or driving." Now, on a new platform, with new powertrain offerings and new technology, that could change. The hatchback showed promise. Perhaps the rest of the lineup can, too.

Google Is Adding Drm To Android Apps

Google Is Adding DRM To Android Apps

The topic of DRMs can be a bit contentious. This is because while it is understandable that creators want to prevent their creations from being pirated, there are some who feel that they have the right to do what they want with their purchases. For example this wasn't really an issue with physical media formats such as CDs or cassette tapes, where if you buy a physical CD you'll be able to lend it to friends, make copies, and so on.

That being said, for proponents of DRM, you might be interested to learn that Google has updated its Google Play platform where DRMs are now being added to Android apps, or as Google has phrased it, they have added "a small amount of security metadata on top of APKs to verify that the APK was distributed by Google Play," which as Android Central points out, is DRM under a different name.

Mazda Is Finally Adding Apple Carplay And Android Auto

Mazda is finally adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The number of car companies that don't offer a smartphone mirroring infotainment system is shrinking. Toyota is finally beginning to offer Apple CarPlay on new cars, first on the Toyota Avalon. Mazda is finally going to offer Apple CarPlay, too, as well as Android Auto. The first car to get it will be the Mazda6.

The new feature will be available in new 2018 Mazda6s this summer. It will be standard on Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve and Signature. That means only the Sport model won't have it as standard. And if you've already purchased a 2018 Mazda6 or were planning on getting one earlier than the summer, Mazda still has you covered. The feature can be added when it becomes available.

Is Sony Finally Adding Ois To Its Xperia Smartphones?

Is Sony finally adding OIS to its Xperia smartphones?


Sony recently filed a trademark application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), for the "Dynamic Vibration System". This trademark is believed to be a form of optical image stabilisation (OIS), which could be heading to Xperia smartphones as early as 2018. Adding OIS to its Xperia phones has been a much requested feature from Sony fans for years.

Toyota Indiana Adding 300 Jobs To Build More Highlanders

Toyota Indiana Adding 300 Jobs to Build More HighlandersThe regional economy is about to get a boost because Toyota Indiana is on the grow again. The plant will invest $100 million and add 300 jobs by summer 2016 to boost production of the popular Highlander midsize sport utility vehicle. This expansion will bring Toyota Indiana’s overall investment to $4 billion. This step allows Toyota to utilize existing capacity in North America while providing additional flexibility to adjust our product mix to meet changing customer demand.

Panasonic Adding Haswell And Lte To Its Toughbook Cf-c2 Convertible

Panasonic adding Haswell and LTE to its Toughbook CF-C2 convertiblePanasonic, an industry leader in rugged, reliable mobile computers since 1996, today announced upgrades to the Toughbook® CF-C2 semi-rugged convertible tablet PC. Offering 4G LTE multi-carrier embedded wireless broadband connectivity, approximately 14 hours of battery life and industry-leading durability, the Toughbook CF-C2 is built to enable reliable connections between data and decision makers, wherever, whenever and however they need it.

Nintendo 2ds: Dropping One Dimension, Adding One More Choice

Nintendo 2DS: dropping one dimension, adding one more choiceNintendo caught us all by surprise when it announced its -- all too literally named -- 2DS handheld last week.

It's here now, and will be reaching shelves by October 12th -- just in time to make those Christmas lists. Our list is getting pretty full already though, so we spent a little time with it to see if it could make the cut.

Nikon Updates Distortion Correction Data For Dslrs, Adding Latest Lenses

Nikon updates distortion correction data for DSLRs, adding latest lensesNikon has released distortion correction data v1.009, adding support for additional lenses for the D4, D90, D600, D800, D800E, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D7000 and D7100. The latest update means these cameras can now correct distortion in 107 Nikkor lenses. The latest update includes recent launches such as the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED and can be downloaded from Nikon's global website.