Nara's Asuka Hot Pot Gives Flavor Of Food Culture From Afar

Nara's Asuka hot pot gives flavor of food culture from afar

Recipe books collected from around the globe, some written in Cyrillic and Arabic, line the bookshelf of Yuriko Aoki, a cooking expert on the world's local dishes.

She refers to the books, including an instructional tome with hand-drawn illustrations and a beautiful volume resembling a photo album, to recreate local flavors and introduces them through events and the media.

'slam Dunk' Photo Op Near Kamakura Rail Crossing Draws Fans From Afar

'Slam Dunk' photo op near Kamakura rail crossing draws fans from afarA railroad crossing, which was used as a model for the setting of the anime "Slam Dunk," is enjoying newfound popularity among fans of the TV series, particularly from Taiwan.
On a clear autumn day last November, while many people were surfing off the Shonan coast here outside Kamakura Koko-mae Station, several tourists quietly snapped photographs at the crossing on the station's east side.