Japanese Garden At Shimane Art Museum Ranked No. 1--again

Japanese garden at Shimane art museum ranked No. 1--again

YASUGI, Shimane Prefecture--The garden of an art museum here was rated as Japan's best for the 16th straight year by a popular U.S. gardening journal.

The Journal of Japanese Gardening, aka Sukiya Living Magazine, selected the Adachi Museum of Art's garden from among more than 900 around Japan in 2018, museum officials announced.

Leukemia-diagnosed Teenage Athlete Tweets Again

Leukemia-diagnosed teenage athlete tweets again

Japanese swimming sensation Rikako Ikee posted fresh messages on social media to her fans on Wednesday. A day earlier she tweeted that she has been diagnosed with leukemia.

The 18-year-old's updates of her accounts on Twitter and Instagram noted her gratitude for people's support.

2019 Acura Nsx Quick Spin Review | Japan Takes On The World, Again

2019 Acura NSX quick spin review | Japan takes on the world, again

I drove the 2019 Acura NSX on track a while back, and it's an absolute freight train. But now that I've driven it in the snow and the rain and our pothole-riddled streets around Southeast Michigan, I can tell you about what it's like to live with the Japanese supercar.

Our tester was painted in gorgeous Casino White pearl. It's a stunner in this color, highlighting the NSX's proper supercar styling – impressions were reinforced by the constant stares and craned necks over a cold November weekend. All $21,600 of carbon fiber exterior parts (several carbon packages combined) probably didn't contribute a whole lot to this, but man does it look cool up close. Updates to the 2019 car consist mostly of more suspension and tire to give it the edge it was missing before. Stiffer stabilizer bars, rear toe link bushings and re-tuned magnetorheological dampers do the bulk of the work. A complete recalibration of the steering and SH-AWD system ties it all together, and boy does it work wonders.

Lavrov Urges Japan Again To Recognize Ww2 Result

Lavrov urges Japan again to recognize WW2 result

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has reiterated his call for Japan to recognize the country's sovereignty over four Russian-held islands.

Lavrov was answering to a question from a student after he gave a speech at a university in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, on Monday. The student asked him how Russia is going to deal with the territorial issue over the islands.

Carlos Ghosn Denied Bail Again

Carlos Ghosn denied bail again

A Tokyo court has shot down another bail request by Nissan Motor's former Chairman. Carlos Ghosn has been in custody for over 2 months. That period is likely to stretch even longer with little prospects he will be released any time soon. His lawyers are expected to appeal the decision.

This is the second time his defense team had applied for bail, after Ghosn's most recent indictment earlier this month. He was charged with aggravated breach of trust and for underreporting his compensation.

Ghosn's Defense Team Requests Bail Again

Ghosn's defense team requests bail again

The defense team of former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn has again asked the Tokyo District Court to grant bail to their detained client.

The attorneys filed the second request for bail on Friday. On Thursday, the court rejected the appeal filed by his lawyers over its decision to deny bail.

Ghosn Denied Bail Again

Ghosn denied bail again

A Japanese court has turned down an appeal from Carlos Ghosn's defense team over a decision to deny the former Nissan Motor chairman bail.

Ghosn's attorneys are now expected to take the request for bail to the Supreme Court.

Prosecutors Indict Carlos Ghosn Again

Prosecutors indict Carlos Ghosn again

Tokyo prosecutors have brought a new indictment against Nissan's former chairman Carlos Ghosn. The former auto tycoon has been charged with aggravated breach of trust and with violating a financial law by underreporting his compensation.

It's alleged Ghosn inappropriately transferred funds from a Nissan subsidiary to a Saudi Arabian businessman's company after the man helped Ghosn cover personal investment losses.

Kumamoto Castle's Fortified Curved Stone Walls Rise Again

Kumamoto Castle's fortified curved stone walls rise again

KUMAMOTO--Curved stone walls at Kumamoto Castle that once thwarted enemy attackers but fell victim to earthquakes that jolted the city in April 2016 have risen again to their full glory.

The new walls were unveiled to the media on Dec. 27, as progress is being steadily made in the castle's restoration.