Immigration Bureau Upgraded To An Agency

Immigration Bureau upgraded to an agency

Japan has launched a new immigration agency in line with the introduction of a revised immigration law that came into effect on Monday to bring in more foreign workers to the country.

The new law allows foreigners with specific skills to apply for two types of resident status in order to work in Japan.

Rip Slyme's Su Left Agency + Group Activities Halted Last Year

RIP SLYME's SU left agency + group activities halted last year

It's been reported that RIP SLYME's SU had left his agency. In an interview with ORICON STYLE, the agency confirmed, "He has already resigned. We do not understand the reason for the timing."

The other RIP SLYME members RYO-Z, ILMARI, PES, and FUMIYA are still signed with the agency. In addition, SU has shut down his Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Ariyasu Momoka Resumes Her Activities + Launches Independent Agency

Ariyasu Momoka resumes her activities + launches independent agency

On January 15, former Momoiro Clover Z member Ariyasu Momoka updated her Twitter account announcing that she has launched an independent agency and will be resuming her activities. 

It's almost been a year since Ariyasu graduated from Momoclo. In a handwritten message, she declared, "I, Ariyasu Momoka, will be starting my activities to convey my expressions through music and photography."

Talent Agency Under Fire Over Performer's Assault

Talent agency under fire over performer's assault

A Japanese talent agency is under fire for its seemingly lukewarm response to the assault of a young female performer. Maho Yamaguchi of NGT48, a girl group based in Niigata Prefecture, was assaulted by two male fans in December.

NGT48 is a sister group of the popular Tokyo-based girl group AKB48.

Ngt48's Agency And Aks Release Statement Regarding Assault Case Involving Member Yamaguchi Maho

NGT48's agency and AKS release statement regarding assault case involving member Yamaguchi Maho

NGT48's agency and their operating company AKS has released a statement regarding an assault case involving member Yamaguchi Maho. 

In a live broadcast on Twitter and SHOWROOM on January 8 and 9, Yamaguchi revealed that she was attacked by two men in front of her home in December. She then participated in the group's third anniversary event on January 10 where she apologized to her fans for causing them to worry. 

Fukada Kyoto's Agency Denies Relationship Reports

Fukada Kyoto's agency denies relationship reports

Some sports papers recently reported that actress Fukada Kyoko (36) is in a relationship with the president of a real estate company. In an ORICON NEWS interview, her agency denied the reports stating, "They have gone out for meals together, but there is nothing more.

According to reports, Fukada and Syla Holdings president Sugimoto Hiroyuki (41) have been dating for about two months and went to visit each other's families during the New Year holidays. 

Nuclear Agency Calls For Decision

Nuclear agency calls for decision

The UN nuclear watchdog has given Japan its latest recommendations about the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. On what to do with the ever-growing volume of contaminated water being treated and stored there, the message is clear -- get a move on.

It's now more than 7 years since the plant suffered a triple meltdown following an earthquake and tsunami.
Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency visited this month to check on the work to decommission it.

Japan's Tax Agency Locates Offshore Bank Accounts

Japan's tax agency locates offshore bank accounts

Japan's National Tax Agency has obtained information on more than half a million accounts at financial institutions overseas held by Japanese citizens and companies.

This comes amid heightened public interest in how the wealthy use offshore havens to evade paying taxes at home. The Japanese agency will analyze the data to crack down on tax evasion.

Meteorological Agency Urges Further Caution

Meteorological Agency urges further caution

Japan's Meteorological Agency has urged residents in Hokkaido to remain on alert after a powerful earthquake hit the region early Thursday.

Toshiyuki Matsumori, the agency official in charge of monitoring earthquakes and tsunamis, warned that further strong quakes were likely, particularly over the next 2 or 3 days.

Weather Agency Urges Residents To Prepare For Jebi

Weather agency urges residents to prepare for Jebi

Japan's Meteorological Agency says residents of areas that may be hit by a powerful typhoon should take safety precautions and be ready to evacuate quickly.

The agency's chief forecaster, Ryuta Kurora, told a news conference on Monday that Typhoon Jebi is stronger than the storm that struck western Japan last month.

Meteorological Agency Urges Early Evacuation

Meteorological Agency urges early evacuation

Japan's Meteorological Agency is urging residents in the typhoon's path to evacuate before nightfall.

The chief forecaster, Ryuta Kurora, said in a news conference before noon on Thursday that Typhoon Cimaron is expected to approach western Japan and make landfall in the evening, with its strength intact.

Japan Weather Agency Warns Over Typhoon

Japan weather agency warns over typhoon

Meteorologists are warning that there is a risk of landslides, flooding and other disasters from a strong typhoon bearing down on Japan's main island. They're urging people to follow evacuation advisories.

An official with Japan's Meteorological Agency, Minako Sakurai, said on Saturday that heavy rain is expected through Monday across broad areas of Japan, including regions recovering from record rainfall earlier in July.