Abe Stresses Stability Ahead Of Election

Abe stresses stability ahead of election

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is emphasizing the need for political stability ahead of this summer's Upper House election. Abe made the remarks in his address to the nation, as the ordinary session of the Diet came to a close.

Abe used the opportunity to push his government's position on a number of issues. He says he wants to promote local economies, reform the country's social security systems and amend the Constitution.

Security Tightened In Osaka Ahead Of G20 Summit

Security tightened in Osaka ahead of G20 summit

Railway operators in western Japan have stepped up security at train stations ahead of the upcoming Group of 20 summit in Osaka.

Coin-operated lockers and trash cans were shut down at major stations in Osaka Prefecture on Monday -- four days before the start of the meeting.

Abe Talks With Trump Ahead Of Iran Visit

Abe talks with Trump ahead of Iran visit

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump have discussed the situation in the Middle East before Abe leaves for Iran.

During their phone call, Abe is believed to have told Trump he intends to urge Iran to ease tensions when he meets with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Abe, Trump Relax Ahead Of Talks

Abe, Trump relax ahead of talks

US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spent Sunday unwinding -- before they get down to business in Tokyo.

In the morning, Abe and Trump hit the green at a golf course near Tokyo. It was the fifth time they have teed off together.

Top Chinese Diplomat To Visit Japan Ahead Of Xi

Top Chinese diplomat to visit Japan ahead of Xi

A high-ranking Chinese diplomat will visit Japan this week to prepare for President Xi Jinping's visit to the country in June.

Japan's Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that Chinese Communist Party Political Bureau member Yang Jiechi will arrive for a three-day visit on Thursday.

Japan, Us Officials Talk Ahead Of Putin-kim Summit

Japan, US officials talk ahead of Putin-Kim summit

Senior officials from Japan and the United States have agreed to closely watch moves leading to North Korea's possible denuclearization ahead of the Russia-North Korea summit.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry's Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau chief, Kenji Kanasugi, and US Special Representative for North Korea, Stephen Biegun spoke by phone on Sunday.

2020 Toyota Highlander Teased With 3d Art Exhibition Ahead Of Nyias

2020 Toyota Highlander teased with 3D art exhibition ahead of NYIAS

We're coming up on the annual New York International Auto Show, and Toyota is brewing up an all-new, fourth-generation 2020 Toyota Highlander crossover. But instead of revealing it in a typical manner involving a press release and some stock photos of the car, the Japanese auto giant decided to do something different this time around.

Toyota teamed with augmented reality artist Michael Murphy for a unique art exhibition to showcase this new Highlander. Murphy is known for his illusionary and anamorphic 3D art exhibitions and sculptures, which manipulate lighting and shadows to play on human visual perception.

Japan-us Phone Talks Ahead Of Us-s.korea Summit

Japan-US phone talks ahead of US-S.Korea summit

Senior officials from Japan and the United States have confirmed close coordination of policies toward North Korea's denuclearization ahead of the US-South Korea summit.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry's Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau chief Kenji Kanasugi and US special representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun spoke on Tuesday over the phone.

Landfill Work Moves Ahead In Henoko

Landfill work moves ahead in Henoko

Japan's Defense Ministry has begun the next stage of construction on a controversial US military facility in Okinawa. They're reclaiming land on a new 33-hectare plot. Workers have begun pouring sand and dirt into the sea off the coast of Nago City.

They've already been doing that on an adjacent site. The two areas account for about a quarter of the planned construction.

Rally Held Ahead Of Sarin Gas Attack Anniversary

Rally held ahead of sarin gas attack anniversary

Relatives of people killed in the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system have held a rally in Tokyo ahead of its 24th anniversary.

The act of terrorism by the Aum Shinrikyo cult left 13 people dead and about 6,300 others injured.

Ceremony Held Ahead Of 8th Anniversary Of Disaster

Ceremony held ahead of 8th anniversary of disaster

A ceremony to commemorate victims of the earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan in 2011 was held on Sunday in the city of Iwaki in Fukushima Prefecture.

The tsunami washed away more than 400 homes in the city's Toyoma district on March 11th, 2011. Seventy-six people died, and seven are still unaccounted for.

Ghosn Asserts Innocence Ahead Of Expected Release

Ghosn asserts innocence ahead of expected release

Nissan Motor's former Chairman Carlos Ghosn has insisted on his innocence in a statement issued after a Tokyo court decided to grant bail to him.

The Tuesday decision by the Tokyo District Court means that Ghosn could be released for the first time in more than 100 days if he posts bail.