Former Morning Musume's Mitsui Aika To Retire From Showbiz

Former Morning Musume's Mitsui Aika to retire from showbiz

It's been announced that former Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika's contract with agency J.P ROOM has ended. As such, she will be retiring from showbiz. 

Mitsui graduated from Morning Musume back in May of 2012, then had been studying abroad in New Zealand from January of 2014. She had continued her activities in showbiz like participating in Hello! Project's concert 'Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2015 ~ GOOD BYE & HELLO ! ~' as an OG member of Morning Musume. However, she wanted to "graduate from showbiz and pursue the path of cooking."

Bananaman's Himura Yuki Marries Reporter Kanda Aika

Bananaman's Himura Yuki marries reporter Kanda Aika

Comedian duo Bananaman's Himura Yuki has announced his marriage to reporter Kanda Aika. 

According to their agencies, the couple does not have any plans for a wedding ceremony and reception. Currently, they are living together, and Kanda is not pregnant at this time.