Details On Aiko's 13th Album Revealed

Details on aiko's 13th album revealed

The details on aiko's 13th album "Shimetta Natsu no Hajimari" have been revealed. 

"Shimetta Natsu no Hajimari" is slated for release on June 6. In addition to her singles "Straw," "Yokoku," and "Koi wo Shita no wa," the album will include 10 brand new songs. You can check out the jacket covers and track list below the cut.  

Aiko's 13th Album To Be Titled 'shimetta Natsu No Hajimari'

aiko's 13th album to be titled 'Shimetta Natsu no Hajimari'

aiko's 13th album "Shimetta Natsu no Hajimari' will be released on June 6. 

The upcoming album will be her first since "May Dream" was released about two years ago. It will include her singles "Straw" and "Yokoku" as well as "Koi wo Shita no wa," which was the theme song to the movie 'Koe no Karachi.' More details will be revealed later.

Check Out The Short Pv For Aiko's New Single 'yokoku'

Check out the short PV for aiko's new single 'Yokoku'

The short PV for aiko's new single "Yokoku" has been uploaded onto her YouTube channel. 

"Yokoku" is the singer's 37th single that's scheduled for release on November 29. It's a number that aiko wrote because she wanted to have a positive attitude. In the PV, you can see her performing "Yokoku" with the band members in a backstage area of a theater. 

Aiko's New Song 'ashita No Mukou' To Be Released In November

aiko's new song 'Ashita no Mukou' to be released in Novemberaiko's new single "Ashita no Mukou" will be released on November 12.
"Ashita no Mukou" comes about 9 months after aiko's previous single "Kimi no Tonari". The title track has already been picked up as the theme song for Kansai TV / Fuji TV's drama 'Suteki na Sen TAXI' which will premiere on October 14 at 10:00 pm.

Aiko's New Album 'awa No You Na Ai Datta'

aiko's new album 'Awa no You na Ai Datta'aiko is getting ready to release her new album "Awa no You na Ai Datta" on May 28.
"Awa no You na Ai Datta" will mark aiko's 11th original album. The jacket covers that she recently revealed come in 2 different types - 'First Press Edition' and 'Regular Edition'.