Expert: F35a Incident Poses Air Defense Challenge

Expert: F35A incident poses air defense challenge

An expert says the disappearance of a F35A fighter jet off northeastern Japan poses a serious challenge to the country's air defense.

The Air Self-Defense Force command lost radar contact with the aircraft on Tuesday evening over the Pacific, while the pilot was on a training mission.

Hot Air Balloon Festival Attracts Tourists

Hot air balloon festival attracts tourists

Colorful hot air balloons are attracting tourists and locals in the northern Japanese city of Ojiya in Niigata Prefecture.

Thirty-four balloonist teams have gathered from across Japan to participate in the festival.

Asthma Patients Demand Expenses Over Air Pollution

Asthma patients demand expenses over air pollution

People across Japan suffering from asthma caused by air pollution have filed a request for mediation with a government committee seeking medical expenses.

Ninety-four asthma patients and an association of people with air pollution-related illnesses made the submission on Monday. Some of the patients were plaintiffs in a lawsuit that was settled 12 years ago.

Kickin' It: Lexus, John Elliott Turn Nike Air Force 1 Into Fashion Tires

Kickin' it: Lexus, John Elliott turn Nike Air Force 1 into fashion tires

At New York Fashion Week, Lexus unveiled a collaboration that spanned numerous cultural realms, from the trendy streetwear and sneaker world to the high-art scene to the luxury auto space. Using its new UX crossover as the canvas, Lexus partnered with rising style entrepreneur John Elliott to create all-white tires designed after the iconic Nike Air Force 1.

The pairing stems from a different collaboration in which John Elliott partnered with Nike to create a custom Air Force 1. Elliott kept the timeless silhouette simple in white coloring, but created a new look by layering and stacking parts of the shoe's upper to create the illusion of shadows and shades. The tires are intended to do the same.

Alcohol Tests Eyed For Air Traffic Controllers

Alcohol tests eyed for air traffic controllers

Japan's transport ministry is to require air traffic controllers in the country to take alcohol tests.

The move follows the ministry's decision in December to obligate domestic airline pilots to take pre-flight tests due to revelations of alcohol-related problems involving flight crews.

Kansai Airport Recovers Half Of Air Traffic

Kansai airport recovers half of air traffic

Flight operations at Kansai International Airport in Osaka have been restored to about half the normal level, two weeks after a massive typhoon hit the island facility.

At the airport's major Terminal 1, a total of 183 domestic and international flights had resumed as of Tuesday. That's about 45 percent of the normal level.

Gifu City Orders Improved Air Conditioning

Gifu City orders improved air conditioning

Authorities in the city of Gifu, central Japan, have ordered improved air conditioning at a hospital where 5 elderly patients died, apparently from heatstroke.

The 3 men and 2 women aged 83 to 85 died from Sunday to Tuesday at Y&M Fujikake Daiichi Hospital.

Season 2 Of 'one Punch Man' To Air In April 2019

Season 2 of 'One Punch Man' to air in April 2019

'One Punch Man' is coming back with a second season in April of 2019. 

This announcement was made on August 12 during the event 'One Punch Man Maji Gakuensai.' In the teaser visual designed by Kubota Chikashi, you can see a new character 'Garo' in the background with 'Saitama' and 'Genos' in front of him. 

Narita Runway Closed After Air Canada Mishap

Narita runway closed after Air Canada mishap

An Air Canada passenger plane mistakenly entered an unused taxiway after landing at Narita Airport on Monday.

Japanese transport authorities at the airport say the Boeing 787 bound for Narita from Montreal remains stopped near the taxiway.