Documentary Of Akb48

Documentaruy of AKB48AKB48, the all-girl idol group, dominated the Japan's pop music scene last year. Formed in 2005, the 48 girls performed their first show in Tokyo's Akihabara district in front of just seven people.

Last year, the group was everywhere. Their single "Beginner" had sold a million copies as of November.

Akb48 Kojima Haruna Becomes Model

AKB48 Kojima Haruna becomes modelAKB48 member Kojima Haruna attended a press event for haircare brand ‘TSUBAKI‘ as their newest model. Kojima commented, “It seems like a dream for me to be in TSUBAKI commercial and I’m really glad to have been chosen for this. ”

Akb48 Glasses-themed Photobook

AKB48 glasses-themed photobookJapanese popular idol group AKB48 will release on December 20th their first glasses-themed photo book, “AKB48 Twenty-Four Hours“ .

S.watanabe 2nd Miss Earth Japan

Shiho WatanabeFormer AKB48 member Shiho Watanabe, 23, has won second place in the Miss Earth Japan contest. The top prize in the pageant was won by 24-year-old Tomoko Maeda. After placing second, Watanabe told the press, “Of course, it’s a little tough to come so close and not scoop the top prize, but then again, back in my AKB48 days, I never really stood out, so I guess it’s nice to be noticed.”

Maeda Atsuko On Manga Magazine

Maeda Atsuko on manga magazineThe newly published July issue of “Friend”, a shoujo manga magazine, featured the collaboration of AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko and manga author, Nanba Atsuko. The headline of this volume stated “Double Atsuko Festival!”, which referred to the singer and the author.

Tomomi Kasai Wedding Dress Show

Tomomi Kasai wedding dress showTomomi Kasai, 19, a member of hugely popular girl group AKB48, took to the stage this week to help promote a new line of wedding dresses from 26-year-old actress Ayana Sakai’s brand “Aya Nature.”