Akb48's Hiwatashi Yui To Graduate From The Group

AKB48's Hiwatashi Yui to graduate from the group

AKB48 member Hiwatashi Yui has announced her graduation from the group.

This announcement was made on November 7 during Team B's concert at AKB48 Theater. Her last handshake event will be on November 23 and graduation concert on November 28. 

Former Akb48's Takajo Aki Marries Pro Soccer Player Takahashi Yuji

Former AKB48's Takajo Aki marries pro soccer player Takahashi Yuji

It's been reported that former AKB48 member Takajo Aki (27) and Takahashi Yuji (25) professional soccer player for Sagan Tosu, tied the knot on February 15. 

On her SNS account, Takajo commented, "Please excuse me for this personal matter, but today, I have registered my marriage with Sagan Tosu's Takahashi Yuji-san. By supporting each other as husband and wife, I hope to build a cheerful and peaceful family. I am still very immature, but please continue to support me." Takahashi wrote a similar message on his SNS account. 

Sashihara Rino To Be The Center For Akb48's 55th Single

Sashihara Rino to be the center for AKB48's 55th single

Some details for AKB48's 55th single (currently untitled), to be released on March 13, have been revealed. The senbatsu members for the title track have been selected, and Sashihara Rino (HKT48) will serve as center. 

This will be Sashihara's last single before graduation. Besides Sashihara, the senbatsu members are Yahagi Moeka (first time senbatsu), Okada Nana, Okabe Rin, Ogino Yuka, Oguri Yui, Kashiwagi Yui, Sakaguchi Nagisa, Shitao Miu, Shiroma Miru, Sugawara Maya, Suda Akari, Takahashi Juri, Takino Yumiko, Tanaka Miku, Nakai Rika, Matsui Jurina, Matsuoka Hana, Mukaichi Mion, Yamauchi Mizuki, Yokoyama Yui, and Yoshida Akari. 

Former Akb48's Sato Amina Announces Marriage

Former AKB48's Sato Amina announces marriage

Former AKB48 member and voice actress Sato Amina (28) has announced her marriage. 

On Twitter, she wrote, "Please allow me to use this opportunity to make an announcement to my fans. It's a personal matter, but I, Sato Amina, have registered my marriage with a non-celebrity man." She continued, "I will brace myself and delve into my work, so please continue to support Sato Amina!"

Akb48's Kojima Mako Announces Graduation

AKB48's Kojima Mako announces graduation

On January 12, AKB48 member Kojima Mako announced her graduation from her group during Team K's concert at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL. 

After the concert, she tweeted, "All I want to say is thank you, and I love you! The reason why I smile is because of everyone's smiles! Everyone, thank you very much for making me smile!"

Akb48's Miyazato Rira To Go On Hiatus

AKB48's Miyazato Rira to go on hiatus

AKB48 Team 8 Okinawa representative Miyazaki Rira will be taking a hiatus from October 1. 

Team 8's official website explained that Miyazaki will be taking a hiatus in order to focus on her school work. It states, "During her hiatus, she will be taking a break from her private mail, various SNS accounts, and handshake events." On her return, they said, "We will make the announcement when the prospects look brighter."

Akb48's Takeuchi Miyu To Graduate

AKB48's Takeuchi Miyu to graduate

AKB48 member Takeuchi Miyu has announced her graduation from the group. 

This announcement was made on September 4 via SHOWROOM and YouTube. On Twitter, she wrote, "I announced my graduation. I will graduate from AKB48, which I have been a part of the past ten years, at the end of the year. To the staff that let me do things freely, the members and fans, my friends and family, thank you very much. And please continue to support me!" Takeuchi's final handshake event will be on December 23 at Makuhari Messe. Her graduation concert will be announced once it's determined. 

Akb48's Okada Nana Received Surgery For Vocal Cord Nodules

AKB48's Okada Nana received surgery for vocal cord nodules

It's been reported that Okada Nana (AKB48 Team 4, STU48 captain) has undergone surgery for vocal cord nodules. 

Okada's throat had been bothering her for sometime, and after further examination at the hospital, she was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules. The surgery took place the other day, and she is currently receiving treatment for her follow-up examination. Okada did not want to worry her fans, so she decided to make the announcement after the surgery was done. 

Matsui Jurina Not Participating In Akb48's 53rd Single Due To Poor Health

Matsui Jurina not participating in AKB48's 53rd single due to poor health

Despite taking the top spot in the '10th AKB48 World General Election,' Matsui Jurina will not be participating in the group's 53rd single "Sentimental Train" (September 19 release) due to her poor health. 

The announcement was made on King Records' official website on August 3. Since the senbatsu members for this single were chosen by the fans, they said it was a "very difficult decision." Instead of postponing the single's release, they decided to go on as scheduled as there are "many fans waiting for this single."

Matsui Jurina Wins Akb48's 10th General Election

Matsui Jurina wins AKB48's 10th General Election

On June 16, AKB48's "General Election", which will decide the Senbatsu members to participate in the group's 53rd single, was held at Nagoya Dome. 

A total of 339 girls ran for candidacy in the group's 10th event. This year, SKE48's Matsui Jurina came out on top. She started her speech by saying, "I won't cry today, because I'm only grateful." She continued, "I've always thought that becoming first in the General Election was the goal. I am number one right now. Which is why... I won't graduate!"

Preliminary Results Of Akb48's 10th General Election Revealed

Preliminary results of AKB48's 10th General Election revealed

On May 30, the preliminary results of AKB48's "General Election", which will decide the Senbatsu members to participate in the group's 53rd single, were revealed at the AKB48 Theater in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Below is the list of the Top 80 girls. The final result will be announced on June 16 at Nagoya Dome. Who do you think will be No.1 this year?