Akimoto Sayaka Makes Her 1st Public Appearance After Graduation Announcement

Akimoto Sayaka makes her 1st public appearance after graduation announcementAkimoto Sayaka attended a presentation event for ANA and AKB48’s joint project.

This marked Akimoto’s first public appearance after announcing her graduation on April 7th. She talked about her goals saying, “First of all, as an actress from AKB48, I feel like I can contribute to AKB48. They say to pile up experience and see hardships, but I want to challenge various fields while utilizing the experiences I have gained through AKB48.”

Akb48 Akimoto Sayaka Announces Her Graduation

AKB48 Akimoto Sayaka announces her graduationAKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka announced, on her official blog, that she would not participate in upcoming Senbatsu general election and that she would graduate from the group.

"The Senbatsu General Election. Today is the deadline to run as a candidate for the general election.