Tohoku, Akita Shinkansen Resume Operations

Tohoku, Akita Shinkansen resume operations

The East Japan Railway Company says it has restarted operations of the Tohoku and Akita Shinkansen bullet trains.

The train operator had suspended operations of those lines due to Typhoon Hagiris.

Defense Chief To Persuade Akita To Accept Aegis

Defense chief to persuade Akita to accept Aegis

Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya says he plans to visit Akita Prefecture to seek the local community's consent for the deployment of a missile defense system.

Akita Governor Norihisa Satake suggested on Monday that there are difficulties in talks with the government over the planned deployment after local opposition increased over a series of incidents.

Zagitova Shows Her Akita Dog

Zagitova shows her Akita dog

Russian figure skater Alina Zagitova and her Akita dog have grabbed the spot light at an event showcasing Japanese culture in Moscow.

The PyeongChang Olympics champion appeared at a Sakura Festival with her dog on Sunday.

Lantern Festival Lights Up Akita

Lantern festival lights up Akita

One of the largest summer festivals in northeastern Japan has started in Akita City, featuring bamboo poles decorated with dozens of lanterns.

The annual Kanto festival is held to pray for rich harvests, with bamboo poles and lanterns representing ears of rice.

Former Yokozuna Asashoryu To Be Given Akita Puppy

Former yokozuna Asashoryu to be given Akita puppy

Former sumo grand champion Asashoryu will be given an Akita dog as a symbol of friendship between Japan and his native Mongolia.

Asashoryu, whose real name is Dolgorsurengiin Dagvadorj, is a special envoy for the Mongolian president and is in charge of strengthening ties with Japan.

Senior Defense Ministry Official Visits Akita

Senior Defense Ministry official visits Akita

A senior Defense Ministry official says Akita Prefecture in northern Japan is one of the best locations for the planned deployment of a ground-based ballistic missile defense system.

The ministry plans to install 2 Aegis Ashore units to guard against possible missile attacks from North Korea. The candidate sites are the Self-Defense Force grounds in Akita City and Hagi City in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Akita Puppy Given To Zagitova

Akita puppy given to Zagitova

Russian figure skater Alina Zagitova has been given an Akita puppy at a ceremony in Moscow attended by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Zagitova won the figure skating gold medal at the PyeongChang Olympics. She had asked her parents for an Akita dog if she did well at the Games.

Beloved 'ugly' Akita Inu Wasao 'station Master' For Another Year

Beloved 'ugly' Akita Inu Wasao 'station master' for another year

AJIGASAWA, Aomori Prefecture--Famed "ugly" Akita Inu Wasao will work as "sightseeing station master" of Ajigasawa Station here on East Japan Railway Co.'s Gono Line for another year after proving a hit during the last fiscal year.

Wasao, who is estimated to be 11, captured hearts across Japan with his quirky looks, often described as "busa-kawaii" (ugly-cute) in Japanese, and starred in an eponymous movie.

Huge Relief Of 'tsurikichi Sanpei' Manga Character Unveiled At Akita Airport

Huge relief of 'Tsurikichi Sanpei' manga character unveiled at Akita AirportA huge relief depicting Sanpei, the main character in "Tsurikichi Sanpei," a popular manga work, has recently been unveiled at Akita Airport with the attendance of its creator, Takao Yaguchi.
The relief, measuring 3.5 meters high and 6.7 meters wide, consists of 460 ceramic panels, and depicts Sanpei fishing in a river against the backdrop of Mount Chokai and a school of yamame trout. The image is modeled after scenery in the village of Nishinaruse, where Yaguchi was born. The village has been absorbed by the city of Yokote.

Quiet Akita Pref. City Races To Create Buzz As Drone Hub

Quiet Akita Pref. city races to create buzz as drone hubSitting in chairs in a field by a hotel near Lake Tazawa, participants wore what looked like goggles and held controllers in their hands. They were actually competing in a speed flying contest, controlling their handmade drones in the sky while watching real-time images sent from cameras installed on the devices.

‘maiko’ Center Revives Akita’s Dwindling Geisha Culture

‘Maiko’ center revives Akita’s dwindling geisha cultureAkita’s fading geisha culture has made a welcome comeback with the recent opening of a center that promotes the development of “maiko” (apprentice geisha).
Located in Senshu Park, Akita Bunka Sangyo Shisetsu Matsushita is housed inside a former Japanese restaurant. The center is operated by Sen Co., a local firm whose goal is to revive the lost geisha culture in the region by training and dispatching maiko.