Details On Weaver's Best-of Album Revealed

Details on WEAVER's best-of album revealed

The details on WEAVER's best-of album "ID 2," to be released on March 6, have been revealed. 

The track list will consist of a total of 14 tracks including their songs released between 2015 and 2018 as well as unreleased numbers. You can check out the jacket covers and track list below! 

Watanabe Miyuki To Release First Solo Album

Watanabe Miyuki to release first solo album

Watanabe Miyuki will release her first solo album "17%" on April 3 from Warner Music Japan's CENTRO's new label etichetta. 

The album will consist of 12 tracks including "WINTER LOVE ~Watashi no Yeah Yeah~" and "Yuugure Sentimental," written and composed by Tsunku♂, and "Ringo Uruwashi Minori no Kisetsu," composed by Mizuno Yoshiki (Ikimonogakari). Watanabe commented, "I am very happy to present my first album to everyone. It's all thanks to everyone who always cheer me on. Thank you very much. This year, I learned a lot by studying abroad for language and dance. I hope you will be able to see that I've matured a bit.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku To Release 5th Album, 'music'

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku to release 5th album, 'MUSiC'

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku will release a new album titled "MUSiC" on March 13. 

The group's with album will include their already released songs "Sing Along Sing A Song," "Dekadonden," and "Nissin Geppo," along with "Donten," which was written and composed by Yoshikawa Kayoko, and arranged by Nomura Yoichiro (Nichika), "Family Complex," a song provided by Okazaki Taiiku, and "BUZZER BEATER," which was picked up as the official theme song for 'The 71st National High School Basketball Championships.' 

Mochida Kaori To Release A Mini Album To Commemorate 10th Anniversary

Mochida Kaori to release a mini album to commemorate 10th anniversary

Every Little Thing's Mochida Kaori will be celebrating her 10th solo anniversary in January. To commemorate this occasion, she will release a mini album titled "Tontoten" on February 27. 

On December 18, she held a dinner show called 'Mochida Kaori Premiun Christmas Dinner Show 2018' at Nagoya Marriot Associa Hotel. She made the announcement during this show and performed the title track. The mini album, which will include five tracks, will be produced by Suzuki Masato (LITTLE CREATURES).

Fukuyama Masaharu To Release A Live Album On His 50th Birthday

Fukuyama Masaharu to release a live album on his 50th birthday

It's been revealed that Fukuyama Masaharu will release a four-disc live album titled 'DOUBLE ENCORE' on his 50th birthday, February 6. 

The album will feature 31 tracks that he performed during his double encores from his arena tour 'WE'RE BROS. TOUR 2018' held from January to April, his dome tour 'FUKUYAMA MASAHARU DOME LIVE 2018 -Kurayami no Naka de Tobe-' held in May, and his fan club event 'Omae to Mikkai 2018' held in July. There will be two limited editions and three regular editions available for purchase. The limited editions will come with a DVD or Blu-ray containing footage from his countdown live 'Fukuyama☆Fuyu no Daikanshasai Sono Juushichi.'

Tanaka Koki To Release First Solo Album

Tanaka Koki to release first solo album

Tanaka Koki (ex. INKT, KAT-TUN) will release his first solo album "Easter" on January 23. 

The album will feature 12 tracks all written by Tanaka himself. He announced, "This year marks one year since I resumed my activities, and a lot of things have happened, and this is the biggest announcement I have yet." He continued, "This is my important first album I'm releasing as Tanaka Koki. With the support of many friends, it's finally complete."

Nissy To Release Best-of Album + Hold First Dome Tour

Nissy to release best-of album + hold first dome tour

Nissy will release his first best-of album "Nissy Entertainment 5th Anniversary BEST" on Nissy day, February 4. In addition, he will hold his first dome tour titled 'Nissy Entertainment "5th Anniversary" BEST DOME TOUR' from March. 

Nissy's best-of album will feature a total of 29 tracks including songs he's already released as well as brand new songs. The Nissy Edition will come with six DVDs or Blu-rays with PVs, making-of footage, and a documentary. 

Asian Kung-fu Generation To Hold Album Release Tour Next Year

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION to hold album release tour next year

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION released their latest album "Hometown" on December 4.  To coincide with this album's release, the band will be holding a tour next year. 

The tour is scheduled to kick off on March 16 at SENDAI GIGS with the first half being a live house tour and the second half a hall tour. You can check out the tour schedules below.

One Ok Rock's New Album To Drop In February

ONE OK ROCK's new album to drop in February

ONE OK ROCK's new album "Eye of the Storm" will drop on February 13, 2019. 

The album will be comprised of a total of 13 tracks including "Change," which was the CM song for ONE OK ROCK×HondaJet, and "In the Stars" featuring Kiiara. The Limited Edition will come with a DVD containing acoustic sessions in the studio. 

Kana-boon To Release A Mini Album Titled 'nerine'

KANA-BOON to release a mini album titled 'Nerine'

KANA-BOON will release a mini album titled "Nerine" on December 19. 

To commemorate five years since their major debut, the band has been on a roll this year with releasing new works and holding live events. "Nerine" will be released as the "fourth season" of their anniversary year, and it will include five songs that has a winter image. The Limited Edition will come with a DVD containing footage from their outdoors one-man live that they held in September as the "third season" of their anniversary year. 

Dean Fujioka To Release New Album In Early Spring

DEAN FUJIOKA to release new album in early spring

DEAN FUJIOKA will release a new album titled "History In The Making" in early spring. 

This announcement was made on November 3 at his fan club event. DEAN's last album "Cycle" was release about three years ago in March of 2016. He commented, "Musically, I tried many things, failed, and grew. Each song in the album is filled with many feelings. I will continue to grow! I wanted to create a future with everyone, so I gave it this title." More details on the album will be announced later.