Details On Yamashita Tomohisa's New Album 'unleashed' Revealed

Details on Yamashita Tomohisa's new album 'UNLEASHED' revealed

The details on Yamashita Tomohisa's new album "UNLEASHED" (November 28 release) have finally been revealed! 

"UNLEASHED" marks Yamashita's first album in four years. Yamashita himself is involved with the songwriting and composition of most of the songs in the album. In addition, KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya participates in the seventh song, "Dancer."

Hilcrhyme To Release Self-titled Album

Hilcrhyme to release self-titled album

Hilcrhyme will release a self-titled album on January 30. 

The album will feature 11 songs including "Namida no Tane, Shiawase no Hana," which is the theme song for drama 'Sakura no Oyakodon,' as well as the most recent song "Atarimae." The Limited Edition will come with one bonus track, and a DVD containing the PV for "Atarimae" and footage from Hilcrhyme's comeback live 'Hilcrhyme LIVE 2018: One Man.'

Chara Transfers To Universal Music, To Release New Album & Hold Nationwide Tour

Chara transfers to Universal Music, to release new album & hold nationwide tour

Chara has transferred to Universal Music and will be releasing a new album titled "Baby Bump" on December 19. 

With the theme "to conceive love," the album is a fusion of Chara's roots of soul and dance music. It will feature a total of 11 tracks including songs produced by Takahashi Kai (LUCKY TAPES), TENDRE, Gakushi, mabanua, and SWING-O. The Limited Edition will come with an additional CD containing live audio tracks from her Tokyo stop of her nationwide tour 'Shut Up And Kiss Me! ~Sweet Soul Sessions Supreme~' held in July. 

Daigo To Release A Cover Album

DAIGO to release a cover album

DAIGO (BREAKERZ) will release a cover album, titled "Deing," on December 5. 

This album will feature DAIGO's covers of hit songs from the record company Being. A total of 11 tracks will be included such as T-BOLAN's "Hanashitaku wa Nai," WANDS' "Motto Tsuyoku Dakishimetanara," Ohguro Maki's "Anata Dake Mitsumeteru," and ZARD's "Eien." 

Johnny's West's New Album To Be Released In December

Johnny's WEST's new album to be released in December

Johnny's WEST's new album "WESTV!" will be released on December 5. 

The group's fifth album will feature a mixture of ballads and upbeat tunes. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing footage of the members enjoying a barbecue and campfire as well as challenging a short skit written by comedian Kawashima Akira (Kirin). In addition, the regular edition will include three bonus tracks.

Naoto Inti Raymi To Release First Album In 2 Years

Naoto Inti Raymi to release first album in 2 years

Naoto Inti Raymi's new album "7" will drop on December 5. 

This comes a little over two years since the release of his last album "Sixth Sense" (September 2016 release). It will include 12 tracks including his singles "Hibiscus," "Shiori," and "Start To Rain," as well as "Yume no Arika," which is the theme song to movie 'Monster Strike THE MOVIE: Hajimari no Basho de.' The album's limited edition will come with a DVD containing footage from the Osaka stop of his 2017 nationwide tour and making-of footage. In addition, the fan club edition will enclose a Naoto Inti Raymi version of the card game 'Karuta.'

Abe Mao To Release First Best-of Album

Abe Mao to release first best-of album

Abe Mao will release her first best-of album (currently untitled) on January 23. 

The singer will be celebrating her tenth anniversary on January 21. On the work that will kick off her tenth anniversary year, she commented, "It will be released right before the tour finale, so I will deliver songs through this best-of album as well as the live, so that more people will come to know Abe Mao."

Hoshino Gen To Release First Album In 3 Years + Hold 5 Major Dome Tour

Hoshino Gen to release first album in 3 years + hold 5 major dome tour

Hoshino Gen will release his new album "POP VIRUS" on December 19. To coincide with this release, he will hold a dome tour from February to March of next year. 

The new album will include Hoshino's hit songs, such as "Koi," "Family Song," and "Idea." It will be released in four different versions: Limited Edition A (CD+Blu-ray), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD), Regular Edition First Press, and Regular Edition. The Limited Editions and First Press will come with a special booklet. 

Androp To Prepare For 10th Anniversary Year With New Album

androp to prepare for 10th anniversary year with new album

androp will release a new album (currently untitled) on December 12. 

The band made the new album announcement on October 14 during their Tokyo stop of their tour 'androp one-man live tour 2018: angstrom 0.9 pm' at LIQUIDROOM. The new album will be released in preparation of their 10th anniversary year. It will include a total of six tracks such as "Hikari," which was used as the theme song for Fuji TV drama 'Good Doctor.'

Beni To Release A 'cinematic' Album

BENI to release a 'CINEMATIC' album

BENI will release her new album "CINEMATIC" on November 28. 

It's been about two and a half months since BENI's last album "Shiki Uta summer." For her upcoming album, the singer compares her life to a movie so she plays both the "lead role" and the "director." It will include songs like "Arigato," "Got A Feeling", and "CANDY."

Golden Bomber's Kiryuin Sho To Release A Self-cover Album

Golden Bomber's Kiryuin Sho to release a self-cover album

Golden Bomber's Kiryuin Sho (Vo-karu) will release a self-cover album "Koshitsu Shisan" on December 5. 

For this album, Kiryuin will cover songs that he's provided to other artists, such as Daikoku Danji, Dancing Dolls, and Kishidan. In addition, it will include "America," which was performed as Kiryuin's solo debut song back in 2013. As the bonus track, the album will include a cover of MUCC's "Brilliant World."

Sky-hi To Hold Album Release Tour For 'japrison'

SKY-HI to hold album release tour for 'JAPRISON'

SKY-HI will hold a nationwide tour called 'SKY-HI TOUR 2019 -The JAPRISON-' from February to April of next year. 

This was announced on October 5 on the first night of his nationwide tour 'SKY-HI Round A Ground 2018' at Otaru GOLDSTONE in Hokkaido. The upcoming tour will be held to commemorate the release of his new album "JAPRISON" on December 12. He is scheduled to perform 12 shows kicking off on February 3 in Tokyo and wrapping up on April 24 in Osaka.