Gov Eyes Diverse Security Threats In Move To Allow Global Sdf Support For U.s. Forces

Gov eyes diverse security threats in move to allow global SDF support for U.S. forcesThe government will drop language in Japan-U.S. defense cooperation guidelines limiting Self-Defense Forces (SDF) activities to "areas surrounding Japan," allowing the SDF to provide logistical support for U.S. forces globally. The move has sparked fears of open-ended Japanese involvement in the United States' overseas military campaigns, though the government views it as a necessary step to give the SDF more operational flexibility in an era of diversifying threats to Japan's security.

Ricoh And Google Team Up To Allow Ricoh Theta Spherical Images To Be Posted On Google Maps And Google+

RICOH and Google Team Up to Allow RICOH THETA Spherical Images to be Posted on Google Maps and Google+Ricoh Company, Ltd. and RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. have upgraded the apps for the RICOH THETA spherical image camera to allow users to post spherical images they have taken on Google Maps and Google+, two services provided by Google. This service was made possible through a joint effort between Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Google, with the RICOH THETA apps made compatible with Photo Sphere XMP, Google's panoramic image standard.

‘resident Evil’ Themed Attraction Will Allow You To Relive Your Childhood Nightmares

‘Resident Evil’ themed attraction will allow you to relive your childhood nightmaresRemember those nights you stayed up playing the classic Resident Evil games on the Playstation, wandering through Raccoon City with the constant threat of zombies lurking around every corner? Well, the nightmare is now going to become a reality. Universal Orlando is working on an attraction that will allow attendees to experience the horrors of Raccon City firsthand by making their way through themed mazes. As if the creepy environments weren’t enough, it seems that there will be zombies coming after you as well. Even Nemesis himself will be making an appearance! Capcom released images of the sets showing off some impressive detail in these environments.

Uniqlo Gloves Allow You To Use A Smartphone Properly

UNIQLO Gloves allow you to use a smartphoneWe have seen smartphone friendly gloves, but this time it is from Japanese fashion giant ‘UNIQLO’. The fashionable gloves make use of a conductive material on the tip of the index finger and the thumb for use on multi-touch screen. The Heatech gloves will be available in Japan for 997 Yen ($ 8).