Sony Expands 4k Ultra Hd Content Offering Through Amazon Instant Video And Prime Instant Video

Sony Expands 4K Ultra HD Content Offering Through Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant VideoStarting today, Amazon customers and Prime members can instantly enjoy blockbuster movies and hit TV shows in 4K Ultra HD picture quality — premium resolution that has four times the number of pixels as standard Full HD – on compatible Ultra HD and smart devices, including Sony’s latest line-up of Ultra HD TVs. Ultra HD content is available to buy and access through the Amazon Instant Video app on compatible Ultra HD smart TVs.

Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Wii U Bundle Spotted On Amazon Uk

Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Wii U Bundle Spotted On Amazon UKNintendo loves to sell its hardware along with its software, which is one of the reasons why you won’t be seeing Nintendo’s main franchises making its way onto non-Nintendo consoles or mobile devices anytime soon. That being said, earlier this year Nintendo released a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle and we’re sure many gamers are wondering if the same could happen for Super Smash Bros.

Amazon Uk Lists Canon Eos 6d As Discontinued

Amazon UK Lists Canon EOS 6D As DiscontinuedBack in 2012, Canon had officially announced the Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera. What made the camera so special was the fact that it was the first Canon DSLR to feature GPS and WiFi functions, thus allowing remote transferring of photos/videos without a cable, as well as geotagging photos that have been taken.

Canon Eos 7d Marked As Discontinued On Amazon

Canon EOS 7D Marked As Discontinued On AmazonIt has been rumored for several years now that Canon could be working on a successor to their Canon EOS 7D camera. Unfortunately the rumored launch date keeps getting pushed back so to be honest, we still have no idea as to when Canon will be making the official announcement. However it seems that we could be getting closer this time, thanks to a listing spotted on Amazon.

Sony : Ps4 + Ps Vita Bundle Spotted On Amazon France

Sony : PS4 + PS Vita bundle spotted on Amazon FranceA new listing on Amazon France gives more credence to Sony announcing a PS4/PS Vita bundle.
Given how much a PS Vita handheld can complement Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, a cost-effective bundle has been expected from the gaming community for some time. Gamers aren’t too eager about adopting the newly released PS Vita Slim for its $225 price tag (even with Borderlands 2 thrown in to boot), but a PS4 value bundle is quite attractive.

Sony New Dc Universe Online Dlc: Amazon Fury Part I

Sony New DC Universe Online DLC: Amazon Fury Part IGotham is under siege! The first of a three-part series of DLC Packs, Amazon Fury Part I, will soon reveal that Wonder Woman’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, has allied with Circe and launched an attack on the world of man – starting with Gotham City. This is purportedly a response to the Brainiac attack on Wonder Woman’s homeland of Themyscira.

Sony Grounded: The Making Of The Last Of Us Now Available On Amazon Instant Video

Sony Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us Now Available on Amazon Instant VideoBy now you’ve played The Last of Us and likely have learned more about Ellie’s backstory in The Last of Us: Left Behind. Maybe you’re been wondering how we got Joel’s beard to look so good or why Ellie acts like she does. We’re pleased to say that Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us can provide you with some answers and that it’s now available to watch for free.

Fujifilm Xf10-24mm F4 R Ois Lens Available For Pre-order At Amazon

Fujifilm Super-wide-angle 2.4X zoom lens for X-mount CamerasAmazon has begun taking pre-orders for Fujifilm’s latest ultra-wide to standard zoom lens ‘XF10-24mm F4 R OIS’. The lens retails for $999.95 and will begin shipping from March 15, 2014. Designed specially for all Fujifilm X-mount compact system cameras, the lens has a 10-24mm focal length, a constant aperture of f/4 and is equivalent with a 15-36mm lens (35mm format).