Goto Maki Appointed Ambassador Of 'naturich Night Bra'

Goto Maki appointed ambassador of 'NATURICH Night Bra'

On February 6, Goto Maki updated her Instagram account announcing that she has been appointed as ambassador of 'NATURICH Night Bra.'

Goto wrote, "I recently started wearing night bras to maintain my figure! When you wear one [night bra], your posture is corrected, making your figure look nice."

Ghosn Says French Ambassador Informed Him Of Nissan Plot Against Him

Ghosn says French ambassador informed him of Nissan plot against him

BEIRUT — Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn said on Tuesday that the French ambassador had warned him shortly after his arrest that his own company was plotting against him. "Frankly, I was shocked by the arrest, and the first thing I asked is make sure Nissan knows so they can send me a lawyer," Ghosn told Reuters in an interview in Beirut. "And the second day, 24 hours from this, I received a visit from the French ambassador who told me: 'Nissan is turning against you'. And this is where I realized that the whole thing was a plot." Former Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa, who was forced to resign last year after admitting that he had received improper compensation, told a news conference shortly after Ghosn's arrest that Ghosn had been using corporate money for personal purposes and under-reporting his income for years. The arrest of Ghosn, widely respected for rescuing the carmaker from near-bankruptcy, has put Japan's criminal justice system under international scrutiny. Among the practices now under the spotlight are keeping suspects in detention for long periods and excluding defense lawyers from interrogations, which can last eight hours a day. "When he told me that 'two hours or three hours later, after your arrest, Saikawa went in a press conference and made his infamous statement where he said, you know, 'I am horrified, but what I'm learning...'' — so when he told me he made these statements, I said 'Oh my God this is a plot'." Ghosn, 65, fled Japan last month while awaiting trial on charges of under-reporting earnings, breach of trust and misappropriation of company funds, all of which he denies. The one-time titan of the car industry said the alternative to fleeing would have been to spend the rest of his life languishing in Japan without a fair trial. Ghosn said he had escaped to his childhood home of Lebanon in order to clear his name. He noted that there were conflicting stories about his astonishing escape, but declined to say how he had managed to flee. Tokyo prosecutors said his allegations of a conspiracy were false and that he had failed to justify his acts. The 14-month saga has shaken the global auto industry and jeopardized the Renault-Nissan alliance, of which Ghosn was the mastermind. Japan's Ministry of Justice has said it will try to find a way to bring Ghosn back from Lebanon, even the countries have no extradition treaty. Ghosn said the Japanese authorities were intent on preventing him from having a just trial.

Mizushima Hiro Appointed As Shimajiro Movie Ambassador

Mizushima Hiro appointed as Shimajiro movie ambassador

Mizushima Hiro has been appointed as the "Shimajiro movie ambassador" for 'Shimajiro the Movie: Shimajiro to Soratobu Fune.' 

The eighth Shimajiro movie will be the first in the series created in full 3DCG. Mizushima, who is an actor and entrepreneur, married singer-songwriter Ayaka back in 2009. He is a father to two daughters ages 4 and 1. As the "Shimajiro movie ambassador," he will be appearing at events to liven up the upcoming film.  

New Japanese Ambassador Arrives In South Korea

New Japanese ambassador arrives in South Korea

The new Japanese Ambassador to South Korea, Koji Tomita, has expressed his determination to work hard to bridge differences between the two countries.

Tomita arrived at Seoul's Gimpo Airport on Tuesday. He spoke to reporters from more than 20 Japanese and South Korean media outlets.

Yoshino Feted By Swedish Ambassador, Laureates

Yoshino feted by Swedish ambassador, laureates

Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino has been congratulated for jointly winning this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry by the Swedish ambassador and Nobel laureates.

Yoshino attended a celebration at the ambassador's residence in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Japan To Appoint New Ambassador To South Korea

Japan to appoint new ambassador to South Korea

The Japanese government plans to appoint Koji Tomita as its new ambassador to South Korea. He is the former head of the Foreign Ministry's North American Affairs Bureau.

The move comes amid strained relations between the two countries over wartime history. The 61-year-old Tomita will replace Yasumasa Nagamine.

Senior Official Lodges Protest With Us Ambassador

Senior official lodges protest with US ambassador

A senior Japanese foreign ministry official has lodged a protest with the US ambassador to Japan following the suspected suicide of a US military serviceman who is believed to have fatally stabbed his Japanese girlfriend.

Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Takeo Akiba called William Hagerty on Saturday. Akiba said the incident is extremely regrettable, and called for cooperation with the police investigation and thorough measures to enforce discipline and prevent a recurrence.

Hyde Appointed As Sightseeing Ambassador Of Wakayama City

HYDE appointed as sightseeing ambassador of Wakayama City

HYDE has been appointed as the sightseeing ambassador of Wakayama City. A swearing-in ceremony was held at the end of his acoustic concert 'HYDE ACOUSTIC CONCERT 2019 Kuromisa BIRTHDAY' held on January 30 at Wakayama Big Whale. 

As ambassador, HYDE will show the appeal of the city to people both within and outside Japan. HYDE is originally from Wakayama, and he talked about his feelings toward his hometown during the concert. 

Exile's Iwata Takanori Appointed Ambassador Of 'louis Vuitton'

EXILE's Iwata Takanori appointed ambassador of 'LOUIS VUITTON'

EXILE / Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE member Iwata Takanori has been appointed as ambassador of 'LOUIS VUITTON.'

In January, Iwata appeared in the '2019 Fall-Winter Men's Fashion Show', which featured fashion designer Virgil Abloh's second collection. He sat alongside model Naomi Campbell, actor Timothée Chalamet, and rapper Offset in the front row. 

Sorimachi Takashi Appointed As First Japanese Ambassador For 'panerai'

Sorimachi Takashi appointed as first Japanese ambassador for 'Panerai'

Actor Sorimachi Takashi has been appointed as the first Japanese ambassador for luxury Italian watch manufacturer Panerai. On November 21, he attended an opening party for its flagship store in Ginza. 

The brand's CEO Jean-Marc Gounon also attended the event. Sorimachi, who shook his hand with a smile, revealed, "I bought a Panerai watch over 20 years ago with the first paycheck I received while modeling.

Sonar Pocket's Eyeron Chosen As 'fukuoka Marathon' Ambassador For The Second Time

Sonar Pocket's eyeron chosen as 'Fukuoka Marathon' ambassador for the second time

Sonar Pocket's eyeron (Vo) has been chosen as the ambassador for the 'Fukuoka Marathon' to take place on November 11. 

eyeron participated in the 'Fukuoka Marathon' in 2015 and 2016. Following 2016, this will be his second time to serve as ambassador for the marathon. In addition, he has written the event's theme song "Kaobare." On this song, he commented, "I was able to write this song because I have participated in the Fukuoka Marathon in the past. It's a song that will push the backs of those who do their best. I hope it will push them to take that final step during the hard, painful times.

Kashiwagi Yuki Appointed Ambassador Of A Lingerie Brand

Kashiwagi Yuki appointed ambassador of a lingerie brand

On April 25, AKB48/NGT48's Kashiwagi Yuki attended a press conference for lingerie brand 'Ravijour.' 

Kashiwagi, who was appointed as the ambassador to the brand's new project, commented, "I am nervous and happy that I have been appointed to such an important role. Rather than being an inspiration to women, I hope to be an ambassador that can grow together with everyone."