Ubisoft Announces Just Dance 2020 For The Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft Announces Just Dance 2020 For The Nintendo Switch

While games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band might not be as popular as it once was back in the day, it seems that games such as the Just Dance franchise are still going on strong. In fact, if you’d like to groove along to the latest songs and check out new features, you’ll be pleased to learn that Ubisoft has since announced the latest installment in the franchise: Just Dance 2020.

According to Ubisoft, “Just Dance 2020 celebrates a decade of bringing people together with exciting new content! Team up with friends for more fun in our Co-op mode, returning to the Just Dance franchise for Just Dance 2020. Co-op mode brings players together to combine scores and rule the dancefloor! Exercise while having fun with the Sweat Mode! Track your calories burned, time spent dancing, and keep yourself motivated with our dedicated sweat playlists.”

Aso Announces Renewal Of Banknotes

Aso announces renewal of banknotes

Japan's Finance Minister Taro Aso has announced plans to renew the design of the nation's banknotes.

The design of three different banknotes will be amended -- the first changes since 2004 -- in order to prevent forgeries.

Government Announces New Era Name: 'reiwa'

Government announces new era name: 'reiwa'

'Reiwa' -- tentative spelling -- is a name that will be on the lips of most Japanese today and it will be for years to come.

It's the name the Japanese government selected for the new era, which is set to start when Crown Prince Naruhito becomes the new Emperor on May 1.

Former Sony Ceo Kazuo Hirai Announces Retirement

Former Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai Announces Retirement

Kazuo Hirai is a legendary figure at Japanese conglomerate Sony. The former CEO is credited with leading the company’s turnaround in recent years. Now, he has decided to take a well-earned retirement. An announcement sent out today confirmed that after 35 years of service at the company, Kazuo Hirai will now be retiring.

Hirai took the CEO job in 2012 as he replaced Sir Howard Stringer and set about implementing a turnaround strategy that saw the company become a profitable business once again. Hirai previously led Sony’s PlayStation business and that also played a significant part in returning the company to profitability.

Baseball Star Ichiro Announces Retirement

Baseball star Ichiro announces retirement

Japanese baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki of the US Major Leagues' Seattle Mariners has announced his retirement.

The 45-year-old outfielder held a news conference after the second of the two-game Opening Series against the Oakland Athletics finished in Tokyo on Thursday.

Nintendo Announces Nindies Showcase For March 20th

Nintendo Announces Nindies Showcase For March 20th

Nintendo has made an unexpected announcement today for a new Showcase video presentation. That’s the company’s preferred format for sharing information about titles. The company has sent out a tweet confirming that it will hold a Nindies Showcase on March 20.

Indie games will be front and center in this Showcase. The company says that this new Nindies Showcase video presentation will feature “about 30 minutes of information” about the new indie games that are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Naomi Osaka Announces New Coach

Naomi Osaka announces new coach

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has a new coach, following an abrupt split with her former coach Sascha Bajin.

Osaka tweeted a photo of the new member of her team, Jermaine Jenkins, thanking him for joining.

Nogizaka46's Eto Misa Announces Graduation

Nogizaka46's Eto Misa announces graduation

Nogizaka46 member Eto Misa has announced her graduation from the group. 

Eto revealed that she had been thinking about graduation since about a year ago. On her blog, she wrote, "Once I part, I think I will realize how lucky I was to be working in such a favorable environment. However, I decided to look forward and do my best as myself."

Becky Announces Marriage To Baseball Coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

Becky announces marriage to baseball coach Kataoka Yasuyuki

On February 13, Becky (34) announced that she has gotten married to baseball coach Kataoka Yasuyuki (35). 

Becky uploaded a photo of a bird onto Instagram and announced, "It's a personal matter, but I recently married minor league Yomiuri Giants coach Yasuyuki Kataoka-san." She continued, "Without forgetting my grateful feelings, I will move forward slowly and steadily. Please continue to support me.

Swimmer Ikee Announces Leukemia Diagnosis

Swimmer Ikee announces leukemia diagnosis

Japanese swimming star Rikako Ikee has announced that she has been diagnosed with leukemia.

The 18-year-old swimmer tweeted on Tuesday that tests confirmed she has the disease. Ikee said she will concentrate on making a full recovery so that she can come back even stronger.

Former Akb48's Sato Amina Announces Marriage

Former AKB48's Sato Amina announces marriage

Former AKB48 member and voice actress Sato Amina (28) has announced her marriage. 

On Twitter, she wrote, "Please allow me to use this opportunity to make an announcement to my fans. It's a personal matter, but I, Sato Amina, have registered my marriage with a non-celebrity man." She continued, "I will brace myself and delve into my work, so please continue to support Sato Amina!"