Ariyasu Momoka Announces Marriage To A Non-celebrity Man

Ariyasu Momoka announces marriage to a non-celebrity man

Ariyasu Momoka married a non-celebrity man on November 23. 

Ariyasu's husband is a doctor in internal medicine, and they met back in 2016 when she held her first solo live. Before her live, she was worried about her physical condition and visited a hospital that she has been going to since she was young. At that time, he was introduced to her as a "reliable doctor who is in charge of various artists." Since then, he has been supporting her music activities. 

Yanagihara Kanako Announces The Birth Of Her First Child

Yanagihara Kanako announces the birth of her first child

On November 18, talento Yanagihara Kanako (33) announced the birth of her first child. 

Through her agency's official website, she reported, "A healthy baby girl was born. Both myself and baby are healthy." She expressed, "During my pregnancy, I went on maternity leave a little early. Thankfully, I was able to relax and face my mind and body, which overall led to my safe delivery. To people at work who cooperated with me and to everyone who supported me, thank you very much.

Yu Darvish Announces Birth Of Baby Girl

Yu Darvish announces birth of baby girl

On November 13, major league baseball player Yu Darvish (33) announced via Twitter that he and wife, former world wrestling champion Yamamoto Seiko (39), welcomed their baby girl. 

He wrote, "It's a little late, but on November 12 in U.S. time, my first daughter was born! Both mom and baby are healthy. I am thankful.

Miura Daichi Announces New Single & Hall Tour

Miura Daichi announces new single & hall tour

Miura Daichi's new single (currently untitled) will be released on January 15.

This announcement was made on November 5 during his live tour 'DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2019-2020 COLORLESS' at Yoyogi National Stadium. Reportedly, he is currently working on the songs to be included in the single, which will be revealed at a later date. 

Japan Announces Trial Tour To Russian-held Islands

Japan announces trial tour to Russian-held islands

Japan's Foreign Ministry announced a plan on Monday for a trial sightseeing tour of Russian-held islands claimed by Japan.

The tour was agreed to by Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin in June, as part of joint economic activity programs on the islands.

Casio Announces New Pro Trek Wsd-f21hr Smartwatch

Casio Announces New PRO TREK WSD-F21HR Smartwatch

When you think of Casio, there is a chance that you might think of watches like the G-Shock series of watches that have been designed to be rugged and for outdoor use. If you are in the market for such a watch, then you might be interested to learn that Casio has announced its latest smartwatch, the Casio PRO TREK WSD-F21HR.

If you’re familiar with smartwatches, then Casio’s PRO TREK series of smartwatches are something you might have come across before in the past. However, what makes the WSD-F21HR a bit more compelling compared to Casio’s previous releases is that this will be the first PRO TREK smartwatch to feature a built-in heart rate monitor.

Iaea Announces Death Of Yukiya Amano

IAEA announces death of Yukiya Amano

The International Atomic Energy Agency says Director General Yukiya Amano died last Thursday, aged 72.

The global nuclear watchdog announced Amano's death on Monday. Sources say he was in poor health since last year and had returned to Japan frequently.

Ubisoft Announces Just Dance 2020 For The Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft Announces Just Dance 2020 For The Nintendo Switch

While games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band might not be as popular as it once was back in the day, it seems that games such as the Just Dance franchise are still going on strong. In fact, if you’d like to groove along to the latest songs and check out new features, you’ll be pleased to learn that Ubisoft has since announced the latest installment in the franchise: Just Dance 2020.

According to Ubisoft, “Just Dance 2020 celebrates a decade of bringing people together with exciting new content! Team up with friends for more fun in our Co-op mode, returning to the Just Dance franchise for Just Dance 2020. Co-op mode brings players together to combine scores and rule the dancefloor! Exercise while having fun with the Sweat Mode! Track your calories burned, time spent dancing, and keep yourself motivated with our dedicated sweat playlists.”