Experience Another World In Miyavi's Pv For 'bang!'

Experience another world in MIYAVI's PV for 'Bang!'

The PV for MIYAVI's song "Bang!" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Bang!" can be found in MIYAVI's latest album "Holy Nights," which dropped on April 22. It's currently being used as the CM song for Rakuten Mobile. The music video begins with a high schooler listening to music on her smartphone, then transported to another world through the device. 

Tokyo Sees Another Daily High Of New Infections

Tokyo sees another daily high of new infections

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has confirmed 47 new cases of coronavirus infection, another daily high.

Government officials made the announcement at a news conference on Thursday.

Another 95 Infection Cases Confirmed In Japan

Another 95 infection cases confirmed in Japan

Japanese authorities say nearly 100 people were confirmed on Tuesday to be infected with the new coronavirus, including one person under the age of 20.

Three men in Tokyo are among the new cases.

Another Health Ministry Official Infected

Another health ministry official infected

Japan's health ministry says another one of its officials who had been working on the quarantined cruise ship docked in Yokohama, near Tokyo, is confirmed to have the new coronavirus.

The man in his 50s had been gathering information on the virus-stricken Diamond Princess to relay to the ministry between Tuesday and Saturday.

Another 44 Cases Confirmed On Cruise Ship

Another 44 cases confirmed on cruise ship

Japan's health ministry says another 44 cases of new coronavirus infection have been confirmed on the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

This brings the number of passengers and crew members found to have been infected with the virus to 218.

Sony's 'uncharted' Movie Loses Yet Another Director

Sony's 'Uncharted' Movie Loses Yet Another Director

Will Sony’s Uncharted movie ever see the light of day? It certainly doesn’t really feel like it because according to a report from Deadline, their sources have told them that the movie’s latest director, Travis Knight, will apparently be dropping out of the movie due to scheduling conflicts.

This is said to be due to actor Tom Holland’s schedule with Spider-Man that is apparently causing some scheduling issues. Deadline’s sources have also told them that Sony still has plans to move forward with the movie and will be looking for a new director and will also be setting a new release date, which was previously set for a release in 2020.

Sources: Gang Member Planned Another Attack

Sources: Gang member planned another attack

Investigative sources say a man arrested in connection with the murder of a senior member of a Japanese yakuza group told police he planned another attack on gang members.

Keiichi Furukawa, a member of a gang affiliated with the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi crime syndicate, was shot dead on Wednesday outside a restaurant in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Blackout May Last Another Week In Flooded Areas

Blackout may last another week in flooded areas

Japan's industry minister Isshu Sugawara has indicated that areas severely flooded by Typhoon Hagibis could remain without electricity for more than a week.

Sugawara told reporters on Tuesday that power companies have reported that it would take a week or so after the waters recede to restore power in those areas.

Japan Bracing For Another Extremely Hot Day

Japan bracing for another extremely hot day

Japanese weather officials are urging people to stay on the alert for heatstroke as sweltering conditions continue to grip wide areas of the country.

The Meteorological Agency says that on Saturday temperatures soared above 38 degrees Celsius in the western cities of Kurume and Kyoto.

2019 Honda Civic Type R Sees Yet Again Another Price Increase - Autoblog

2019 Honda Civic Type R sees yet again another price increase - Autoblog

Honda just keeps fiddling with the Type R's price, and the 2019 model year comes with another small increase. The new total amounts to $37,230, which includes a $930 destination charge. This comes thanks to a $600 increase in MSRP and a $10 increase in the destination fee. It isn't much in the short run, but Honda just keeps notching it up slowly. When the car first went on sale, it cost $34,775. At that price, it felt almost too good to be true. Though we saw constant dealer "market adjustments" and inflated prices as a result of the pent-up demand for the Type R. Honda could've priced the Type R higher than it did in 2017, and perhaps it's figuring that out. Earlier this year, the price was jacked up by $1,000, and now Honda is at it again. We'll point out that Honda did make some considerable changes for 2019 to warrant a price increase. The infotainment system is slightly improved and updated. Honda added a volume knob to the dash, and the steering wheel buttons have also been changed up to make them easier to operate. Larger cup holders are also on tap. Does that warrant a $610 price jump to you? Perhaps, and the Type R is still half a bargain for what you get compared to the other extra hot hatches out there. The Golf R is still substantially more expensive at $41,290, but a base WRX STI comes in barely over the Type R now at $37,480. With the Focus RS having been discontinued after finishing its 2018 model year run, these few are the ones remaining in this hotly contested segment. Even without all-wheel drive, the Type R stands tall, and we'd still consider it a great buy. Maybe you'd consider a Veloster N if you're looking to spend a little less on a hot hatch, but the now slightly more expensive Type R remains a solid proposition for how superb it is to drive.

Another Error Found In Missile Defense Study

Another error found in missile defense study

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has apologized for another mistake found in a study for the deployment of a US-made Aegis Ashore missile defense system.

Iwaya told reporters on Tuesday that the inaccuracy was discovered in a survey of the environmental effects of the radio waves from the system's powerful radars.

Lexus Bladescan Is Another New Headlight Safety Breakthrough U.s. Won't Get

Lexus Bladescan is another new headlight safety breakthrough U.S. won't get

Lexus is back at it with innovative lighting technology. The BladeScan headlights available in Europe on the 2020 RX utilize a new mechanism for throwing light further down the road, aiming that light more precisely, and doing so without blinding other road users. Lights from other OEMs with the same capabilities have increased the number of LEDs inside the housing for finer control. The BladeScan module inside the Lexus lights holds the number of LEDs down to 10 on each side of the RX, which Lexus says is a more cost-effective solution. In fact, BladeScan uses fewer LEDs than Lexus' most recent adaptive high-beam system, which has 24 LEDs on each side.

The LEDs in the new module are arranged in two rows, eight on top, two on bottom. The diodes are fed information about objects ahead, and adjust their intensity to dim light aimed at an oncoming car, or illuminate a pedestrian by the roadside. However, the LEDs don't shine their light down the road, they shine their strobing light onto two blade-shaped mirrors — hence the name BladeScan — that rotate at high speed. The light reflects off the mirrored blades and into a lens, which orients the beam down the road.