Stretchable Tactile Sensor Developed For Robotic, Caregiving Applications

Stretchable Tactile Sensor Developed for Robotic, Caregiving ApplicationsNippon Mektron Ltd exhibited a "flexible tactile sensor" made by using a flexible printed circuit (FPC) board at a trade show in Tokyo.
The sensor is expected to be used for (1) robot hands having a tactile sense, (2) mattresses that detect pressure for nursing care services, (3) input interfaces for mobile devices, etc.

Murata Highly Reliable Encapsulated Dc-dc Converters For Harsh Environment Applications With 88% Efficiency

Murata Highly reliable encapsulated DC-DC converters for harsh environment applications with 88% efficiencyMurata today announced the SPM series of low power isolated DC-DC modules designed specifically for use in electronic equipment that will be subject to harsh environments such as outdoor communications, applications with little or no forced air cooling, smart grid and industrial process control equipment. The SPM15 series is designed for applications that require Vin ranges of 9-36V or 18-75V @ 15W. The SPM25 series covers applications that require Vin = 36-75V @ 25W.

Murata Launches 35a “power Block” Dc-dc Converter Module For Fpga And Embedded Applications

Murata launches 35A “Power Block” DC-DC converter module for FPGA and embedded applicationsMurata today announced the latest addition to the OKLP range of “Power Block” products from Murata Power Solutions. In addition to the recently introduced 25A, Murata now offers the OKLP-X/35-W12-C, a 35A Power Block solution. This Power Block concept sits between a discrete Point-of-Load (PoL) design and that of a complete non-isolated buck converter module.

Eizo Launches 30-inch 6 Megapixel Color Lcd Monitor For Multi-modality Applications

EIZO launches 30-inch 6 Megapixel color LCD monitor for Multi-Modality applicationsEIZO Corporation (TSE: 6737) announced the release of the RadiForce RX650, a 30-inch color LCD monitor ideal for multi-modality applications.
The 6 megapixel screen of the RadiForce RX650 provides enough space to display numerous applications at once, making it an effective replacement for a dual 3 megapixel monitor setup. In addition, medical professionals can conveniently view images side-by-side without the obtrusive bezels typically found in a multi-monitor environment. The monitor gives users full control of the layout on screen to streamline the radiology workflow.

Fujitsu Launches Intarfrm Ria Java Ajax V4, For Creating Web Applications With Sophisticated User Experiences

Fujitsu Launches INTARFRM RIA Java Ajax V4, for Creating Web Applications with Sophisticated User ExperiencesFujitsu today announced that it has added an Enterprise Edition to its INTARFRM series of products, an application framework(1) that assists in developing customer ICT systems. The Enterprise Edition is a suite of products that separates the front end (visual interface) from the back end (business processing), making it easier to keep pace with fast-changing front-end technologies while maximizing the lifespan of back-end assets.

Tdk Launches Shg4a Series Of Half Slim Type Ssd Modules For Industrial Applications

TDK launches SHG4A series of half slim type SSD modules for industrial applicationsTDK announced today the launch in November 2013 of the SHG4A series of half slim type solid state drive (SSD) modules for industrial applications. The new NAND flash memory modules support the serial ATA II standard and enable storage capacities of up to 128 GB also with SLC type NAND flash memory. Measuring only approx. 54 x 40 mm, the modules are about one half the size of a 1.8-inch hard disk drive (HDD).

Analog Mems Accelerometer Suits Engine Anti-vibration And Electrically Controlled Suspension Applications

Analog MEMS accelerometer suits engine anti-vibration and electrically controlled suspension applicationsMurata today announced the SCA720 series of analog MEMS accelerometers aimed specifically at electrically controlled suspension and engine anti-vibration applications. Measuring only 7.0 x 8.6 z 3.3 mm and constructed from a single crystal silicon, the sensor is mechanically robust and has no deformation up to 70 000g. The accelerometer’s 3D structure employs capacitive sensing techniques that give it extremely sensitive measurement characteristics and excellent offset stability.

Shimadzu New Irtracer-100 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer Provides High-speed, High-sensitivity Analysis For An Expanded Range Of Markets And Applications

Shimadzu New IRTracer-100 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer Provides High-speed, High-sensitivity Analysis for an Expanded Range of Markets and ApplicationsShimadzu Corporation announces the launch of the IRTracer-100 Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrophotometer. Combining high speed, sensitivity, and resolution with enhanced expandability and easy-to-use software, the IRTracer-100 quickly and easily obtains high-quality data for samples in such fields as pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals and electronics.

Epson Expands Its Lineup Of Imus For Industrial Applications

Epson Expands its Lineup of IMUs for Industrial ApplicationsSeiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has developed two inertial measurement units (IMU)*1. Housing a new type of high-performance gyroscopic sensor*2, the new M-G352 and M-G362 offer improved basic performance. Epson plans to begin shipping samples of the M-G362 and M-G352 in August and October of 2013, respectively.