Video : Roland Vt-12 Vocal Trainer — Classical Applications

VIDEO : Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer — Classical ApplicationsAlicia Baker shows how the VT-12 Vocal Trainer benefits students and teachers of classical voice.

From music school to home, from recording studio to backstage dressing room, the pocket-sized VT-12 is your ultimate traveling vocal coach. With a variety of built-in exercises and warm-ups for improving your vocal skills, the VT-12 provides real-time analysis of your pitch while you sing so you can visualize your progress.

Sony K-12 Initiative Now Accepting Applications For Education Ambassador Program

Sony K-12 Initiative Now Accepting Applications for Education Ambassador ProgramWHO: Sony Electronics is expanding its K-12 Education Ambassador program, and inviting educators to submit applications to join its team of advocates for classroom technology. Interested educators are encouraged to download the application from the Sony Education Ambassador community website, a free online destination that provides solutions for educators looking to implement technology in the classroom and fosters dialogue about how technology can enhance student learning.

The Benefits Of Zero-emissions Mobility Provided By Nissan Leaf Mean The World's Favourite Ev Has Many Applications

The benefits of zero-emissions mobility provided by Nissan LEAF mean the world's favourite EV has many applicationsWhen it was launched, Nissan LEAF was the world's first purpose-designed electric vehicle from a major manufacturer. It was a roomy family car aimed at customers who mainly used their car as their daily driver for local trips - shopping or commuting - and who wanted to make a contribution to improving air quality in their home towns.

Toshiba Develops Low Power Operating System For Many-core Lsi For Embedded Applications

Toshiba Develops Low Power Operating System for Many-Core LSI for Embedded ApplicationsToshiba Corporation today announced that it has developed an innovative, low power operating system (OS) for many-core processors, targeting application in embedded systems, including automotive products and digital consumer products. An evaluation of the OS on the company's own many-core processor recorded a 24.6% power reduction against the standard OS when running a super resolution program that scaled 1920×1080 pixel images to 3840×2160 resolutions. Details of the new OS were presented at "Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE 2013)" in Grenoble, France on March 20.

Toshiba Launches 100v Low On-resistance N-ch Power Mosfet For Automotive Applications

Toshiba Launches 100V Low ON-Resistance N-ch Power MOSFET for Automotive ApplicationsToshiba has launched a 100V low-ON-resistance, low-leakage power MOSFET using the latest trench MOS process as the latest addition to its line-up for automotive applications. The new product, "TK55S10N1", achieves low ON-resistance with a combination of a chip in the "U-MOS ?-H series" fabricated with the latest 8th generation trench MOS process and a "DPAK+" package that utilizes copper connectors.

Eizo Dv2324-008 23-inch Full Hd Monitor Offers Superb Image Quality For Security And Surveillance Applications

Eizo DV2324-008 23-inch full HD monitor offers superb image quality for security and surveillance applicationsEizo announced the release of the DuraVision DV2324-008, a 23-inch full HD monitor designed for security and surveillance.

The DV2324-008 offers superb image quality for security and surveillance applications where moving pictures need to be displayed clearly and sharply for precise observation. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the monitor is ideal for screening baggage or freight and cargo in security environments. 120 Hz capability allows moving pictures displayed on the screen to be examined much more efficiently without needing to constantly stop and restart conveyors often used with scanning equipment.

400 W Quarter Brick Dc-dc Converter From Murata Designed For Telecom Applications

400 W quarter brick DC-DC converter from Murata designed for telecom applicationsMurata today announced the availability of the RBQ series of isolated 12Vout, 400 Watt DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. The RBQ-12/33-D48 model provides what are believed to be the industry’s highest efficiencies of up to 96% from a standard DOSA-compliant quarter-brick package. The RBQ-12/33-D48 is designed to operate in most applications with convection cooling.