Unesco Approves Mozu-furuichi As Cultural Heritage

UNESCO approves Mozu-Furuichi as cultural heritage

A UNESCO committee has decided to register a group of ancient burial mounds in Japan's western prefecture of Osaka as a World Cultural Heritage site.

The decision came at a meeting of the World Heritage Committee of the UN cultural agency in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku on Saturday.

Japan Approves Strategy To Cut Greenhouse Gases

Japan approves strategy to cut greenhouse gases

The Japanese government has compiled its long-term strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and will shortly present it to the United Nations under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The Cabinet approved the strategy on Tuesday.

Japan Approves New Cancer Immunotherapy

Japan approves new cancer immunotherapy

Japan's health ministry has approved a cutting-edge treatment for blood cancer that uses a patient's own immune cells.

The domestic arm of Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis submitted the application for Kymriah.
This is the first cancer treatment involving CAR-T cell therapy to be approved in Japan.

Top Court Approves Retrial For Nursing Aide

Top court approves retrial for nursing aide

Japan's Supreme Court has approved a retrial for a former nursing assistant who was convicted of killing an elderly hospital patient by removing his artificial ventilator breathing tube.

The 72-year-old patient was found dead in 2003 at Koto Memorial Hospital in Shiga Prefecture, western Japan.

Govt. Approves Bill To Tackle Child Abuse

Govt. approves bill to tackle child abuse

Japan's government has approved revisions to its child abuse prevention law following a series of high-profile abuse cases in which victims have died.

The draft bill, approved by the Cabinet on Tuesday, bans parents from physically punishing children.

Govt. Approves Bill To Vet Disabled Workers

Govt. approves bill to vet disabled workers

Japan's government has approved a bill that will require central and local government offices to thoroughly screen people with disabilities before hiring them.

The Cabinet decided revisions to the law that promotes the employment of people with disabilities on Tuesday.

Lower House Approves 2nd Supplementary Budget

Lower House approves 2nd supplementary budget

The Lower House of Japan's Diet has approved a draft for a second supplementary budget for the current fiscal year.

The draft budget, totaling more than 27 billion dollars, includes funds to reinforce infrastructure such as river embankments and roads to enable them to withstand natural disasters. It also aims to make schools earthquake-resistant.

S.korean Court Approves Asset Seizure

S.Korean court approves asset seizure

The South Korean plaintiffs in a wartime labor lawsuit against Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal say a court has approved a petition to seize the Japanese company's assets in the country.

The move follows a finalized court decision ordering the Japanese company to pay compensation for wartime labor.

Japan Govt. Approves Steps For Foreign Workers

Japan govt. approves steps for foreign workers

The Japanese government has approved a set of policy measures to make it easier for foreigners to live and work in Japan.

The package approved Tuesday is in line with a revised immigration law set to take effect in April marking a major policy change. Residential status now available only to high-skilled workers will become available to a much wider range of lower-skilled workers.

Japan Cabinet Approves Record Fy2019 Budget Plan

Japan cabinet approves record FY2019 budget plan

Japan's Cabinet has approved a plan for record government spending for the year starting in April.

The budget amounts to more than 101 trillion yen, or about 900 billion dollars. The increase is partly the result of efforts to ease the effects of a consumption tax hike scheduled for next October.

Japan Approves Draft Of New It Policy Guidelines

Japan approves draft of new IT policy guidelines

The Japanese government has approved a draft of its new IT policy guidelines that call for creating an international framework for data sharing.

The move comes amid growing concerns over massive data collections by overseas IT giants.

Ldp Approves Bill To Accept More Foreign Workers

LDP approves bill to accept more foreign workers

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party's decision-making body has approved a bill to revise the immigration control law to increase the number of foreign workers from next April.

The LDP's General Council completed in-party procedures on Tuesday.

Govt. Approves Ips Clinical Test For Blood Disease

Govt. approves iPS clinical test for blood disease

Japan's government has approved an application for a clinical test of treatment for an intractable blood disease using iPS cells, which can grow into any type of body tissue.

A health ministry panel on Friday gave the go-ahead to the application by a team at Kyoto University for the test for aplastic anemia.

Japan Approves Sale Of Liquid Baby Formula

Japan approves sale of liquid baby formula

Japanese authorities have laid down requirements for the production and sale of liquid baby formula, opening the door to the Japanese market.

This type of formula is easy to use because it doesn't require dissolving powder in hot water. It can also be stored at room temperature. It is widely available overseas but not in Japan, which lacks relevant safety regulations.