Nintendo Will Develop Apps For Mobile, But Not Games

Nintendo Will Develop Apps For Mobile, But Not GamesNintendo has come forward to announce that they will be releasing apps on smartphones, but not in the way that many had initially imagined. During a business presentation by Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, he revealed that Nintendo would be developing apps for mobile devices that would in a way act as an introduction/advertisement to gamers that would make them want to buy more hardware and software from Nintendo.

Sanwa Supply Nfc Tag Trigger Apps

Sanwa Supply NFC Tag Trigger appsSanwa Supply is going to release the NFC (near-field communication) tag "MM-NFCT" in early December.
By pre-setting specific tasks in the "NFC tag" with the dedicated application, when you hold your smartphone over the NFC tag, you can control things like the On/Off control of wireless LAN and Bluetooth, the start-up of applications, etc.. It's a relatively small 25mm-wide sticker so it can be placed anywhere.

Nintendo Wii U Now Allows Eshop Purchases From Within Indie Games And Ported Apps

Nintendo Wii U now allows eShop purchases from within indie games and ported appsNintendo first shared details of its Wii U Web Framework at GDC in March, which it hoped would encourage more apps and games to be ported over, and facilitate quicker Wii U game prototyping. Fast-forward to GDC Europe and Martin Buchholz, manager of developer relations at Nintendo, confirmed that the framework has now been updated to include eCommerce support -- such as DLC purchases.