Architects Focus On March 11 Disaster

Architects focus on March 11 disasterFrom an architect's standpoint, the Japanese Pavilion at the International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale, to be held in Italy in 2012, will be the one that has a constructive proposal for the future of architecture.

It will feature works by Japanese architects whose theme will be the March 11 quake and tsunami.

Architecture Congress Marunouchi

Architecture Congress in Marunouchi

The UIA World Congress is a major international architectural event that attracts around 10,000 architects, engineers, researchers and students.
Since the inaugural World Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1948, it has taken place triennial in 23 different cities around the world.

Auto Repair Shop In Nigata

Auto Repair Shop in NigataIt locates in the suburb of Nigata City as one of the big cities in Japan. The shop is used by the staff and the users who like to repair car by oneself.

In the suburb of Nigata City, many suburbian architectures appear.

Architect Maki Wins Aia Gold

Fumihiko Maki The American Institute of Architects (AIA) will award its 2011 AIA Gold Medal to Japan's Fumihiko Maki for his lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture.

Maki, 82, who has earned fame with his modernist designs, will be the third Japanese to receive the medal, regarded as one of the profession's highest honors. The previous two recipients are Kenzo Tange and Tadao Ando.

Architecture In Kansai

Japanese Architecture Kansai is the treasure house of Japanese architecture, architecture that is known for its use of wood.
Almost every type of building, be it house, Buddhist temple, Shinto shrine, or castle, uses wood as its major structural material, with bricks generally made from baked soil for roofing until the dawn of the modern era.

Forms and techniques used in wood construction reflect the climate of Japan and are deeply rooted in the evolution of the Japanese culture.