Around The Great Zelkova Tree

Around the Great Zelkova TreeThe annex to Fuji Kindergarten contains English classrooms and a school bus waiting area. A twisting zelkova tree dominates the site and while half of the building is exterior space, the footprint does not define the boundary between outside and in.

Ring Around a Tree is a small contribution to a historically complex space.

Seiko New Gps Watch Obtains Time Information Around Globe

Seiko New GPS Watch Obtains Time Information Around GlobeSeiko Holdings Corp, Seiko Watch Corp and Seiko Epson Corp will release the "Seiko Astron," a GPS-enabled wrist watch that supports 39 time zones in the world, in late September 2012.

Using a GPS, the watch can obtain time information worldwide. Its price ranges from ¥152,250 (approx US$1,886) to 210,000.