Donated Relief Goods Arrive In Typhoon-hit Town

Donated relief goods arrive in typhoon-hit town

Relief goods donated by people across Japan are arriving in a typhoon-hit town in Chiba Prefecture.

The town of Kyonan, east of Tokyo, was badly affected when Typhoon Faxai made landfall in the region early on Monday morning.

'pillars Of Eternity' Will Arrive On The Nintendo Switch August 8

'Pillars Of Eternity' Will Arrive On The Nintendo Switch August 8

For gamers who enjoyed games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, the modern equivalent that most would agree comes close would be the Pillar of Eternity series. Now, there have been two games released as part of that series so far, with the second launching on the Nintendo Switch.

It seems a bit strange that the sequel is on the Switch while the original is not, especially for gamers who might not have played the series before and would essentially be starting in the middle. The good news is that if you are looking to complete the series, or at least until its latest release, you’re in luck.

Teams Arrive In Tokyo For World Cosplay Summit

Teams arrive in Tokyo for World Cosplay Summit

Japanese anime and manga fans who love to dress up as their favorite characters are gathering in Tokyo for the World Cosplay Summit.

About 80 contestants from 40 countries and territories who have won local qualifiers will take part in the 17th event that opens on Saturday. The competition is being held in the Japanese capital for the first time.

Razer Phone Android Pie Update To Arrive Soon

Razer Phone Android Pie Update To Arrive Soon

The first Razer Phone was very well received as it was a proper gaming phone with a unique 120Hz screen. The company’s software support for this device has left a lot to be desired, though. It’s still on Android Oreo and even the security patch is a year old. The company has now said that the Razer Phone Android Pie update is going to be out soon.

It’s an update that many Razer Phone owners are looking forward to. It brings a number of new features to the device in addition to important bug fixes. Razer hasn’t provided a concrete date as yet but confirms that the Android Pie update for the Razer Phone should be out soon.

G20 Leaders Arrive In Osaka

G20 leaders arrive in Osaka

Two major world powers have now arrived in Osaka for the G20 summit, bringing with them a trade conflict that threatens to overshadow any other discussion.

The US and China are locked in an escalating tariff war, which more broadly threatens the global economy.

Fujifilm's X100f Successor Will Only Arrive In 2020

Fujifilm's X100F Successor Will Only Arrive In 2020

Back in 2017, Fujifilm announced their latest compact camera in the form of the X100F. Fujifilm has made improvements in leaps and bounds over the years with its X100 series of cameras, and as such, many are no doubt eagerly anticipating what the next X100 camera could be bringing to the table.

Unfortunately, you might have to wait until next year for its successor. This is according to a report from Fuji Rumors who claims that they have heard from their sources that the next X100 camera will only arrive in 2020. This represents a slight delay because based on previous X100 launches, the gap in between them is typically two years.

A Replacement For The Lexus Ct 200h Is Due To Arrive In 2021

A replacement for the Lexus CT 200h is due to arrive in 2021

On the hunt for a reasonably priced gas-electric hybrid-powered compact, but want something a little nicer than the oddity that is the Toyota Prius? You probably remembered that Lexus made the CT 200h. That's made, as in the Prius platform mate was discontinued in 2017.

But word on the street is that Lexus is working on a replacement, according to Autocar in the UK. The outlet spoke to Lexus Europe's head honcho, Pascal Ruch, at the Geneva Motor Show recently, who shed some light on the matter.

Smaller Nintendo Switch Expected To Arrive This Fall

Smaller Nintendo Switch Expected To Arrive This Fall

The reports about a smaller, cheaper Nintendo Switch continue to come in. A new one suggests that the company is going to release this iteration of its popular Switch console by the fall this year. Nintendo is reportedly working on a more powerful version of the Switch as well.

Japan’s Nikkei reports that the smaller Nintendo Switch will primarily focus on enabling better portable play for owners. However, it won’t lose the ability to be docked to a TV like the original Nintendo Switch.

Android Pie Update For The Lg G7 Will Arrive In Early 2019

Android Pie Update For The LG G7 Will Arrive In Early 2019

lg g7The LG G7 was released earlier this year, although unlike some other 2018 smartphones, it has yet to receive its Android 9.0 Pie update. However the good news is that LG G7 owners might not have to wait much longer because according to LG Korea (via GSMArena), it seems that the handset is set to receive its Android Pie update in the first quarter of 2019.

There were no specific dates mentioned, which means that it could be anywhere between January to March, plus we imagine that it could probably end up being pushed out region by region, and might be further delayed if you bought it from a carrier which will require additional carrier approval before the update is released, but either way it is scheduled for early next year so there’s that timeframe we can look forward to.

Land-fill Vessels Arrive At Henoko

Land-fill vessels arrive at Henoko

Japan's Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has confirmed that vessels loaded with sand and soil have arrived at the construction site of a US military base in Okinawa Prefecture.

He told reporters on Friday that the ministry's Okinawa regional bureau let 5 vessels enter waters off US Camp Schwab earlier in the day, ahead of possible bad weather. He said the measure is intended to ensure that planned landfill work begins next Friday, as scheduled.

Yasuda To Arrive In Japan On Thursday Night

Yasuda to arrive in Japan on Thursday night

Japanese freelance journalist Jumpei Yasuda is on his way home after being held captive by militants in Syria for more than 3 years.

Yasuda left Istanbul, Turkey, early on Thursday. He is due to arrive in Japan on Thursday night.

Crested Ibises From China Arrive In Sado

Crested ibises from China arrive in Sado

A pair of crested ibises has arrived at an island in the Sea of Japan. The 2 birds are a gift from China.

The 2-year-old male and female arrived at Narita Airport, near Tokyo, on Wednesday aboard a flight from Xian.