Hayabusa2 Probe In Final Approach To Asteroid

Hayabusa2 probe in final approach to asteroid

Japan's national space agency says its probe, "Hayabusa2", has less than a week to go before reaching the orbit of the asteroid Ryugu.

Mission manager Makoto Yoshikawa of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, said on Thursday that course control has been done as planned, and all has gone well. He added that his team is ready to carefully carry out its remaining work.

Astronaut Yui Hopes To Go To Asteroid Or Mars

Astronaut Yui hopes to go to asteroid or MarsA Japanese astronaut who recently returned from the International Space Station says he wants to go to an asteroid or Mars.
Kimiya Yui stayed on board the ISS for about 5 months and returned to Earth last December. He spoke to NHK on Wednesday after coming back to Japan from the rehabilitation program in the United States and Russia.