Exile Atsushi To Release A New Song On Christmas Eve

EXILE ATSUSHI to release a new song on Christmas Eve

LDH Japan affiliated company LDH kitchen has opened their entertainment restaurant 'Live & Restaurant LDH kitchen THE TOKYO HANEDA' inside of Haneda Airport's Terminal 1. On December 19, a reception party was held where EXILE ATSUSHI made a surprise appearance. 

ATSUSHI performed four songs including the unreleased "With you ~Luv merry X'mas~." This is a cover of Saitama chorus group LUVandSOUL's song that was released 18 years ago. ATSUSHI will be releasing it digitally on December 24. 

Exile Atsushi Becomes 60 Years Old In Pv For 'suddenly'

EXILE ATSUSHI becomes 60 years old in PV for 'Suddenly'

The PV for EXILE ATSUSHI's new song "Suddenly" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Suddenly" will be released together with RED DIAMOND DOGS' "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" as a double A-side single on November 28. The PV tells a story of an unforgivable love, and ATSUSHI wore special make-up to play the part of a 60-year-old man. Actress Konno Mahiru stars in the PV as the woman who falls in love with ATSUSHI. 

Exile Atsushi & Band To Release A Double A-side Single In November

EXILE ATSUSHI & band to release a double A-side single in November

EXILE ATSUSHI and his band RED DIAMOND DOGS will release a new single, "Suddenly / RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON," on November 28. 

For "Suddenly," ATSUSHI sings about an adult's lost love, while "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" was written at the time baseball player Matsuzawa Daisuke, who is ATSUSHI's  old friend, transferred to Chunichi Dragons. Besides these two, it will come with "Memory Rain" and another song as the coupling tracks. 

Exile Atsushi Reveals Pvs For 'i Think You' And 'more...'

EXILE ATSUSHI reveals PVs for 'I think you' and 'More...'

EXILE ATSUSHI has revealed the PV for his songs "I think of you" and "More..."

The two tracks will be included in ATSUSHI's solo single "Just The Way You Are" to be released on April 11. "I think of you" was recorded in Atlanta with producer T.Kura who composed EXILE's "I Wish For You."  It has the theme "our happy memories" while  "More..." has the theme of "separation."

Exile Atsushi To Release First Single After Study Abroad

EXILE ATSUSHI to release first single after study abroad

EXILE ATSUSHI, who had been studying abroad, will release his first single after his return, titled "Just The Way You Are," on April 11. 

The title track is a cover of Bruno Mars' hit song with Japanese lyrics. ATSUSHI, who respects Bruno as "an artist with the most musical sense and talent in the world," says that the Japanese lyrics came to him all at once while working in the studio. On the reason for covering the song in Japanese, he commented, "If I am able to sing this song in Japanese, I believe it will reach the hearts of more people and deliver its warm message."

Exile Atsushi To Hold 2-day Live At Kyocera Dome Osaka

EXILE ATSUSHI to hold 2-day live at Kyocera Dome Osaka

EXILE ATSUSHI will hold solo lives titled "EXILE ATSUSHI PREMIUM LIVE 2018" on February 28 and March 1 at Kyocera Dome Osaka.

"EXILE ATSUSHI PREMIUM LIVE" will be held as a part of TBS' program plan. Ticket pre-reservations will be available for members of EXILE TRIBE FAMILY beginning December 8 followed by EXILE mobile and EXILE ch Premium. 

Exile Atsushi Launches Official Instagram Account

EXILE ATSUSHI launches official Instagram accountEXILE ATSUSHI has launched his official Instagram account (@exile_atsushi_official)!
The first picture ATSUSHI uploaded is a self-portrait with a message saying, "From now on, I will post information about my activities, private photos, and sayings as #atsushizm, so please take care of me!!"

Exile Atsushi & Ai Reveal The Pv For Their Song 'be Brave'

EXILE ATSUSHI & AI reveal the PV for their song 'Be Brave'EXILE ATSUSHI and AI have revealed the PV for their collaboration song "Be Brave".
"Be Brave" is currently being used as the theme song for Fuji TV's drama 'HEAT' starring EXILE AKIRA. In order to show ATSUSHI and AI's powerful and harmonious singing, the PV mainly features scenes of the two facing each other and singing. You can also see AI occasionally rubbing her pregnant belly and showing the tender expressions of a mother.

Atsushi Kitagawara

Atsushi KitagawaraAtsushi Kitagawara was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. While studying for a BA in architecture at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music he won first prize in the Japan Architect International Design Competition. He graduated in 1974 and proceeded to a Masters degree at the same institution, participating in an urban design project while attending graduate school. He began working as an architect in 1975, and in 1982 founded his own firm Atsushi Kitagawara Architects, Inc. He was in 2005 appointed Professor at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.