Camera Pro Available Once Again For Nokia Smartphones

Camera Pro Available Once Again For Nokia Smartphones

If you ever played with a Nokia Lumia device back in the day then you will be well aware that they had impressive cameras aided by Carl Zeiss optics. Not only that, the handsets came with one of the best camera apps for Android smartphones, known as Nokia Pro Camera, Lumia Camera, and as Nokia Camera. The app changed names many times but it offered features like manual focus and the ability to adjust the shutter speed as far back as 2013. Nokia is no longer the same company anymore but fans of its devices will surely appreciate the return of Camera Pro in a new way.

Many Android smartphones now offer full-fledged pro camera modes which enable users to tweak advanced settings in order to take the perfect shot. However, the much-loved Camera Pro app was missing when HMD Global rolling out the first batch of Nokia-branded devices last year.

Gmail Go Now Available On Android Devices

Gmail Go Now Available On Android Devices

Developing markets are hard to ignore as some of them tend to be extremely populous, which means that there is a lot of untapped potential in terms of gaining new customers. This is why certain brands continue to be popular in developing markets despite them being largely unknown or ignored in developed markets.

This is also why we're seeing more companies start to develop apps that are catered towards such markets, where phones might not be as powerful and internet speeds might not be as fast. The latest app to receive such treatment is Google's Gmail app in which Gmail Go has been launched for Android devices.

Xbox Party Chat Now Available On Ios, Android Devices

Xbox Party Chat Now Available On iOS, Android Devices

Late last year it was reported that Microsoft was testing out its Xbox Party Chat system for mobile devices. Since our phones are pretty much with us all the time, it makes sense that gamers can continue chatting with each other inside the app while on the go, and the good news is that the app has since been launched.

According to Microsoft's description, "The Xbox app brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments from across your devices. Stay connected to your gaming community on the go, control your Xbox One from the app, and buy new games from the store. With your gaming life all in one place, the Xbox app keeps you connected to the games and gamers that matter most."

Final Fantasy Xv: Pocket Edition Now Available For Download

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Now Available For Download

Late last year, Square Enix announced that they were working on Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. For the most part this is the same Final Fantasy XV that console gamers have come to know and love, with the main difference being that the game has been redesigned for mobile devices, and that some of the changes include making the characters into smaller, cuter versions of themselves.

Square Enix had initially promised a release last year, but obviously that did not come to pass, and earlier this year a listing on the Google Play Store revealed that the release date could be set for the 9th of February. Turns out the listing was semi-accurate because the game has officially been released and is now available for download via the iTunes App Store or Google Play, depending on your mobile platform.

Carnival Xperia Theme Available To Download

Carnival Xperia Theme available to downloadSony Mobile has released a new Xperia Theme called Carnival. The theme has been launched to celebrate the infamous Rio de Janeiro Carnival, which is currently taking place in Brazil until 18 February 2018. To get your own piece of the greatest party on Earth, you can download the theme from the Google Play Store.

Final Fantasy Xv's Pc Benchmarking Tool Is Now Available

Final Fantasy XV's PC Benchmarking Tool Is Now Available

As you've probably heard, Square Enix will be bringing Final Fantasy XV onto the PC, and last year the company also revealed the necessary hardware that you would require if you wanted to play the game on your computer. However for those who are curious as to exactly how well their PCs will fare, you'll be pleased to learn that the game's benchmarking tool has been released.

In case the name wasn't already obvious, this is a benchmarking tool that tests the hardware on your PC so that you'll have a better idea of how the game performs when running on your PC. For example you could meet the minimum hardware requirements, but does this necessarily make the game playable? That's what the benchmark tries to help you to find out.

Sony Xperia L2 Now Available For Purchase In Uk

Sony Xperia L2 now available for purchase in UKSony's new entry-level model for 2018, the Xperia L2, is now on sale in the United Kingdom. The handset is available through Clove, which is selling both black and gold variants for £199 excluding delivery (Clove also dispatch internationally). We have yet to see the handset appear in other UK-based retailers, but we imagine they aren't too far behind.

New Xperia Loops Wallpaper From Xperia Xa2 Available To Download

New Xperia Loops wallpaper from Xperia XA2 available to downloadSony Mobile has created a new variant of its Xperia Loops wallpaper for its new 2018 handsets, including the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra. If you're looking to try this new wallpaper for yourself, then you'll be glad to hear that the APK has been extracted and modified to work on your stock Xperia handset. There are six ‘liquid' wallpapers to choose from (Liquid black, Liquid silver, Liquid sky blue, Liquid blue, Liquid gold, Liquid pink) and you can download the APK from the link below.

Star Wars Battlefront Ii Xperia Theme Available To Download

Star Wars Battlefront II Xperia Theme available to downloadSony Mobile has created a new Xperia Theme to celebrate the recent launch of the Star Wars Battlefront II videogame. Putting the loot box controversy to one side, it's a pretty decent game, and so it's great to see an Xperia Theme for fans of the series. There's no live wallpaper in the theme, but it has some nice touches, like a Death Star icons for volume and icon tray. Head over to the Google Play Store to give the theme a try.

Free Sim Cards Available At Aomori, Sendai Airports

Free SIM cards available at Aomori, Sendai airports

AOMORI--A tourist is not only welcomed by pristine snow at Aomori Airport right now, but also free Internet access, so visitors can snap shots of the white landscape and then instantly post them online.

A SIM card machine has been set up at the airport's international flight arrival lobby to enable tourists to access the Internet free of charge. A similar machine has also been set up at Sendai Airport, with both being made available in November.

Bethesda's Doom Vfr Is Now Available To Play

Bethesda's DOOM VFR Is Now Available To Play

While the original DOOM released back in the day might not have been particularly scary, its newer titles are, possibly thanks to the improved graphics and textures and the lessons and experiences gained over the years. So you can imagine that playing DOOM in VR will probably kick things up a notch.

Now if you're the type that loves a good scare or just VR titles in general, you'll be pleased to learn that Bethesda's DOOM VFR is now available. The game was announced earlier this year during E3 2017 where Bethesda revealed that the title would be arriving for the likes of the PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive, so if you own either VR platform you can go ahead and take it for a spin.