Awa Odori Dance Festival Kicks Off In Tokushima

Awa Odori dance festival kicks off in Tokushima

One of Japan's most famous mid-summer dance festivals, the Awa Odori, has kicked off in the western city of Tokushima.

At the opening ceremony on Monday, Tokushima Mayor Akiyoshi Endo said he hopes everyone enjoys the annual event.

Actress Nakagawa Anna Passes Awa

Actress Nakagawa Anna passes awaIt was reported that actress Nakagawa Anna passed away from endometrial cancer (also referred to as uterine cancer). She was 49 years old.

Aiko's New Album 'awa No You Na Ai Datta'

aiko's new album 'Awa no You na Ai Datta'aiko is getting ready to release her new album "Awa no You na Ai Datta" on May 28.
"Awa no You na Ai Datta" will mark aiko's 11th original album. The jacket covers that she recently revealed come in 2 different types - 'First Press Edition' and 'Regular Edition'.