Japanese Businesses Hurting As S.koreans Stay Away

Japanese businesses hurting as S.Koreans stay away

Japanese businesses that rely on tourism are taking a hit amid rising political tensions between Japan and South Korea. The number of South Korean sightseers has plunged.

Osaka's Dotonbori area is a popular draw for foreign tourists.

Lekima Moving Away From Okinawa's Remote Islands

Lekima moving away from Okinawa's remote islands

Typhoon Lekima is moving away from remote islands in Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa. But weather officials are urging caution for strong winds, high waves and storm surges.

The Meteorological Agency says that as of 9 a.m. on Friday, Lekima was about 260 kilometers north of Ishigaki Island and was moving northwest at 30 kilometers per hour.

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas Bassist Kei Passes Away From Heart Failure

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas bassist Kei passes away from heart failure

It's been reported that Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas bassist Kei passed away on January 12 at his home due to acute heart failure. 

The band's official website announced that Kei's funeral was already held on January 15 at the will of his family. Due to his death, the release of their new album, their tour, and their event 'MEGA VEGAS' will be cancelled for the time being. While the band plans to continue their activities, they commented, "It would make us happy if you would watch over us warmly until the day we see everybody again." 

Actress Enami Kyoko Passes Away Due To Emphysema

Actress Enami Kyoko passes away due to emphysema

It's been reported that actress Enami Kyoko has passed away due to acute exacerbation of emphysema. She was 76 years old. 

On November 2, Alpha Agency announced, "Enami Kyoko passed away on October 27th (Saturday) at 9:06 pm. On the 26th (Friday), she complained of feeling ill (worsening of breathing problems) and was immediately hospitalized at 2:00 pm. However, she was unable to recover and took her last breath the following night on the 27th (Saturday)."

Japan Lands Robots On Asteroid 180 Million Miles Away

Japan Lands Robots On Asteroid 180 Million Miles Away

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has landed a couple of robots on the asteroid Ryugu some 180 million miles from Earth. The cylindrical robots are about 18cm wide and 7cm tall. They made their journey on the Hayabusa2 spacecraft which was launched from the Earth back in December 2014.

Chibi Maruko-chan Artist Sakura Momoko Passes Away From Breast Cancer

Chibi Maruko-chan artist Sakura Momoko passes away from breast cancer

Manga artist Sakura Momoko, who is known for 'Chibi Maruko-chan,' passed away on August 15 due to breast cancer. She was 53 years old. 

In an announcement by Sakura Production on August 27, they reported, "On August 15, 2018 at 8:29 pm, Sakura Momoko passed away due to breast cancer. With sincere gratitude to all of the fans that gave her their warm support over the years, and to all of the persons involved, we would like to make this announcement here."

Actor Tsugawa Masahiko Passes Away Due To Heart Failure

Actor Tsugawa Masahiko passes away due to heart failure

It's been reported that actor Tsugawa Masahiko (real name Kato Masahiko) has passed away on August 4 due to heart failure. He was 78 years old. His funeral was already held with close family and friends, but a public memorial service is scheduled to be held in the coming days. 

Since making his acting debut in 1956's 'Kurutta Kajitsu,' Tsugawa has starred in numerous movies, dramas, and plays. He comes from family of talent - his grandfather is director Makino Shozo, father, actor Sawamura Kunitaro, mother, actress Makino Tomoko, and elder brother, actor Nagato Hiroyuki. In 1973, he married actress Asaoka Yukiji. 

Fantastics Member Nakao Shota Passes Away Due To Stomach Cancer

FANTASTICS member Nakao Shota passes away due to stomach cancer

LDH group FANTASTICS member Nakao Shota, who had been undergoing treatment since March for stomach cancer, has passed away on July 6. He was 22 years old. 

Nakao had been in poor health since late last year. After detailed examination, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which he revealed in March, "I was baffled as it was so sudden, but I am gradually accepting the reality and am determined to fight this illness," and promised his return, "I will definitely win! Please wait for me! Please continue to support me!