Kono Meets S.korean Envoy Over Seafood Import Ban

Kono meets S.Korean envoy over seafood import ban

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has asked the South Korean ambassador to Japan to convey to his country that Japan hopes to seek a solution to the fishery products trade dispute through bilateral talks.

Kono met with South Korean Ambassador Lee Su-hoon in Tokyo on Friday.

Softbank To Ban Smoking During Work Hours

Softbank to ban smoking during work hours

Japanese telecom firm Softbank says it will start banning smoking by employees during business hours.

The firm says it will introduce non-smoking days next month. Non-smoking periods will be gradually increased until a total ban takes effect next April.

Thurlow: Japan Should Join Nuclear Arms Ban Treaty

Thurlow: Japan should join nuclear arms ban treaty

A survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 has met a Japanese deputy government spokesperson to urge the country to join a UN treaty banning nuclear weapons.

Setsuko Thurlow met Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasutoshi Nishimura at the prime minister's office in Tokyo on Thursday.

Japan To Ban Drone Flights Over 2020 Games Venues

Japan to ban drone flights over 2020 Games venues

The Japanese government is set to ban flights of drones over and near the venues of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to prevent accidents and acts of terrorism.

In the plan, drones flying in those areas without permission will be seized.

Japan Wants Continued Waiver To Iran Oil Ban

Japan wants continued waiver to Iran oil ban

The Japanese government will seek to be exempt from a trade embargo the US has imposed on Iranian crude oil for longer than the 180-day period Washington has granted.

The sanctions were put in place on Monday. The US issued the waiver to 8 economies, including Japan.

Us Exempts Japan On Iranian Oil Import Ban

US exempts Japan on Iranian oil import ban

Japanese government sources have told NHK the United States will allow Japan to temporarily continue importing crude oil from Iran, after the reinstatement of US sanctions.

Washington will reintroduce sanctions against Tehran on Monday.

Skylark Restaurant Chain To Ban Plastic Straws

Skylark restaurant chain to ban plastic straws

Skylark Holdings, a major Japanese restaurant chain operator, has announced it will ban plastic straws in all of its restaurants by 2020.

The move will make the company the first major Japanese chain restaurant to ban straws.

Abe: Japan Vows To Lead In Nuclear Arms Ban Effort

Abe: Japan vows to lead in nuclear arms ban effort

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan is determined to lead efforts to bridge deepening rifts between countries that possess nuclear weapons and those that do not.

Abe delivered an address at the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima on Monday, the anniversary of the US atomic bombing of the city in 1945.

Ftc Looks Into Olympic Boxing Ban On Former Pros

FTC looks into Olympic boxing ban on former pros

Japan's Fair Trade Commission has asked the country's Amateur Boxing Federation to consider allowing retired professional boxers to compete in the Olympics.

People familiar with the matter say the antitrust watchdog visited the federation on Monday to inquire about a case involving former minimum-weight world champion Katsunari Takayama.

Johnny & Associates Lifts Ban On Online Photos! Nishikido Ryo's Press Conference First To Surface

Johnny & Associates lifts ban on online photos! Nishikido Ryo's press conference first to surface

On January 31, Kanjani8's Nishikido Ryo held a press conference for his movie 'Hitsuji no Ki' at The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Yurakucho.

Nishikido greeted the press and introduced the film in English without using any notes. He said, "Thank you for coming today. I hope you enjoy the movie. Through this film, I thought about what I would do if a stranger came into my community. This film is entertainment, but it also has a social perspective. I hope it will make you think about depopulation and emigration."

Japan Obliges U.s. In Evading U.n. Chats On Atomic Ban

Japan obliges U.S. in evading U.N. chats on atomic ban

Japan has quit the principal U.N. chats on setting up a bargain to boycott atomic weapons, deceiving its promise to fill in as a "bridge" between the atomic forces and non-atomic countries.

Taking the platform at the meeting that started in New York on March 27, Japanese demilitarization envoy Nobushige Takamizawa said Tokyo won't join the dialogs on grounds the settlement has no practical possibility of being considered important by the built up atomic powers.

Japanese-american Calls For Travel Ban Suspension

Japanese-American calls for travel ban suspensionThe daughter of a Japanese-American civil rights activist is calling for the suspension of US President Donald Trump's second travel ban.
Trump signed a new executive order on Monday, temporarily barring the entry of people from 6 Muslim-majority countries if they do not already possess a valid visa.