Jra: Banned Substance Mixed By Accident

JRA: Banned substance mixed by accident

The Japan Racing Association says it has learned how a banned substance was mixed into dietary supplements for horses.

The association disqualified 156 horses from races last month after discovering they may have been fed a prohibited substance.

Parents Banned Abused Daughter From Leaving Home

Parents banned abused daughter from leaving home

The mother of a ten-year-old girl who died after suspected domestic violence has reportedly told police that she did not allow her daughter to leave their home for a month under her husband's instruction.

Mia Kurihara was found dead in her home in Noda city, Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, last month. Police arrested her father Yuichiro Kurihara last month on suspicion of inflicting injuries that led to Mia's death. Her mother Nagisa was also arrested on Monday.

Uncovered Knives To Be Banned On Trains

Uncovered knives to be banned on trains

Japan's transport ministry says knives and scissors that are not properly covered will be banned on all trains from next April.

The ministry's decision follows a deadly knife attack in June on a Shinkansen bullet train near Tokyo. A 22-year-old man stabbed another passenger to death and injured 2 others.

Drones Banned Around G7 Summit Venues

Drones banned around G7 summit venuesMie Prefecture in central Japan has banned the flight of drones around the venues of the upcoming Group of Seven summit.
An ordinance adopted by the prefectural assembly took effect on Monday.