Nissan Navara, Pathfinder Recalled For Nudge Bar Fix

Nissan Navara, Pathfinder recalled for nudge bar fix

Nissan Australia has issued a recall notice for D23 Navara and R52 Pathfinder models with factory-fitted nudge bars.

According to the company, insufficient bolt torque could cause the roll hoop to rattle or, in the worst-case scenario, detach from the vehicle while driving. This poses a risk to both vehicle occupants and other road users.

The Last Shot In The Bar

The Last Shot in the BarTakada (Ryuhei Matsuda) receives a request to find a missing woman. The missing woman is university student Reiko (Atsuko Maeda). While tracking Reiko down, Private Detective (Yo Oizumi) and Takada (Ryuhei Matsuda) meet Mari (Keiko Kitagawa), the owner of a model agency. They get involved in a big incident.

Humanoid Receptionist's Sister By Toshiba Raises The Robotic Bar With 3 Languages

Humanoid receptionist's sister by Toshiba raises the robotic bar with 3 languagesReceptionist Aico Chihira created quite a stir when she first went to work last spring, but her younger sister will have an even wider repertoire of skills.
Aico's sister, also a humanoid robot, is being developed by Toshiba Corp. She will be trilingual, speaking in Japanese, English and Chinese, and after further development, will begin conversing with tourists within fiscal 2017, allowing her to respond to direct questions.

Justice Ministry To Look Into Preventive Measures After Bar Exam Leak Scandal

Justice Ministry to look into preventive measures after bar exam leak scandalThe Ministry of Justice intends to draw up preventive measures following a scandal in which a professor leaked a national bar exam question to a student.
Professor Koichi Aoyagi, 67, of Meiji University's Graduate School of Law, was a member of a committee creating and grading questions for the national bar exam before he was removed from this post on Sept. 8. In leaking the question, he is accused of breaking the National Public Service Act by failing in his duty to keep the exam questions secret.