Tokyo Police To Arrest Thai-based Fraud Suspects

Tokyo police to arrest Thai-based fraud suspects

Tokyo police plan to arrange the transfer of 15 Japanese suspects from Thailand to arrest them over a phone scam that targeted people in Japan.

Last month, Thai police raided a house in the city of Pattaya and arrested the 15 men on suspicion of working illegally in the country.

Six Names To Choose From, Half Based On Ancient Japanese Texts

Six names to choose from, half based on ancient Japanese texts

Members of a special panel considering the name of a new imperial era had six choices before them, three of which were rooted in ancient Japanese texts.

Despite the lack of official disclosure on the number of candidate names or what they were, several government sources revealed April 1 that six in total were presented.

Cabinet Office Revises Faulty Survey-based Data

Cabinet Office revises faulty survey-based data

Japan's Cabinet Office has revised upward amounts of compensation for employees that had been estimated based on a faulty survey by the labor ministry.

The Cabinet Office says the revisions for fiscal 2016 and 2017 resulted in increases of about 6.3 billion dollars each.