Japan's Preschool And Childcare Become Free

Japan's preschool and childcare become free

Japanese preschool education and childcare became free of charge on Tuesday, a move that will be funded by a consumption tax hike.

The tax was raised from 8 to 10 percent on October 1, with its revenue allotted to social security upgrades. During this fiscal year, about 3.5 billion dollars will be directed toward making preschool education and daycare services free.

Female Go Prodigy To Become Youngest Professional

Female Go prodigy to become youngest professional

A 10-year-old Japanese girl is set to become the youngest professional player of the Asian board game "Go" next month.

At a ceremony in Tokyo on Tuesday, Sumire Nakamura from Osaka and 12 others received their "sho-dan" licenses, the lowest professional rank. The players turn professional on April 1.

Four Members Of Hinatazaka46 Become Exclusive Models For Women's Magazines

Four members of Hinatazaka46 become exclusive models for women's magazines

Hinatazaka46 members Kato Shiho, Sasaki Kumi, Sasaki Mirei, and Takamoto Ayaka have been selected as exclusive models for four women's magazines. 

This makes a total of five members to become exclusive models as Kosaka Nao is already an exclusive model for 'Seventeen' magazine. Kato will appear in 'CanCam,' Sasaki Kumi in 'Ray,' Sasaki Mirei in 'non-no,' and Takamoto in 'JJ' starting with the April edition which will hit shelves at the end of the month. 

Golden Bomber Become Superheroes In Pv For 'gagagagagagaga'

Golden Bomber become superheroes in PV for 'Gagagagagagaga'

Golden Bomber have revealed the PV for their new song "Gagagagagagaga." 

"Gagagagagagaga" is the theme song for NHK's drama 'Tokusatsu Gagaga' which just started on January 18, and will be released as the band's new single on February 20. In the PV, the members become superheroes and challenge themselves to action scenes.

Nine-year-old To Become Youngest Go Professional

Nine-year-old to become youngest Go professional

A nine-year-old Japanese girl is set to become the youngest professional player of the Asian board game "Go."

The Japan Go Association, or Nihon Ki-in, officially decided at a board meeting on Saturday to induct Sumire Nakamura from the city of Osaka as a professional under a special quota for gifted young amateurs.

Over 160,000 Apply To Become Games Volunteers

Over 160,000 apply to become Games volunteers

The number of applicants for volunteer positions at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has topped 160,000. That's twice the target set by the Games' organizing committee.

At a meeting of the committee's executive board on Thursday, an official said over 162,000 people had applied as of that morning.

Former Nogizaka46 Member Nakamoto Himeka To Become A Psychological Counselor

Former Nogizaka46 member Nakamoto Himeka to become a psychological counselor

Nakamoto Himeka, who graduated from Nogizaka46 last year, has launched an official website announcing that she will begin her work as a psychological counselor. 

She wrote, "It's been a year since I graduated. I found the next thing I want to do, studied it from the beginning, and it's finally taking shape. I feel relieved that I am able to make this announcement." She reflected on her idol activities as being her asset, and stated, "You don't hear too often about young counselors. However, I feel that there are things that only I can respond to being 22 years old. I believe there will be someone that needs me."

Tackey & Tsubasa Announce Their Disbandment, Takizawa Hideaki To Become A Producer

Tackey & Tsubasa announce their disbandment, Takizawa Hideaki to become a producer

Tackey & Tsubasa, a unit comprised of Takizawa Hideaki and Imai Tsubasa, have disbanded as of September 10. 

Tackey & Tsubasa temporarily halted their activities last year at the time of their 15th debut anniversary. During their hiatus, they each thought hard about their lives which led to the disbandment. In addition, Takizawa will retire from showbiz at the end of the year. He will up bring new talents under Johnny's & Associates president Johnny Kitagawa, and devote his work to producing stage shows and concerts. As for Imai, he will leave Johnny's in order to face his illness. He will do his best to recover in order to become active again. 

Pacific Saury Dishes May Become Cheaper

Pacific saury dishes may become cheaper

Japanese restaurant chain operators are considering reducing the prices of their Pacific saury dishes because the fish is in plentiful supply this year.

Ootoya Holdings will sell a set meal of Pacific saury at its outlets across Japan from Monday until the end of October.

Princess Ayako To Become Engaged

Princess Ayako to become engaged

Japan's Imperial Household Agency will announce plans for the engagement of Princess Ayako.

The princess is the third daughter of the late Prince Takamado, Emperor Akihito's cousin. She is 27.