This '71 Datsun 240z Has Become The New Dream Tuner Car

This ’71 Datsun 240Z Has Become The New Dream Tuner Car

The Nissan Skyline, especially in the U.S., has always been the definitive tuner car to lust after.

The Skyline R34 GT-R, like this incredible VSpec II Nür, and the Toyota Supra trade punches for being the go-to tuner vehicles for American enthusiasts. Blame “2 Fast 2 Furious” or the vehicles’ rarity. But there’s another car that’s finally getting the credit it deserves for being a bona fide tuner car – the Datsun 240Z.

Mahias Takes Stunning Victory In Qatar To Become Worldssp Champion

Mahias Takes Stunning Victory in Qatar to Become WorldSSP ChampionGRT Yamaha Official WorldSSP Team's Lucas Mahias put in a sensational performance under the floodlights in Qatar at the final round of the season, despite being under immense pressure, to take a superb victory and become the 2017 FIM Supersport World Champion. Only needing to finish in tenth to secure the title, Mahias shook off any nerves he may have been feeling and enjoyed a stunning battle at the front, highlighting his fearless character as he went on to win the race by just 0.023s in an incredible finish to the season. In the process being crowned WorldSSP champion by a margin of 29 points, adding to the Team and Manufacturer titles that the GRT Team and Yamaha had wrapped up at the last round in Magny-Cours to complete the "triple crown'.

Yes, The Mitsubishi Evo Could Become An Electrified Crossover, But Don't Panic

Yes, the Mitsubishi Evo could become an electrified crossover, but don't panic

By now, many of you have seen that Mitsubishi will reveal a concept with the Evolution name at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it will be an electrified crossover. On the surface, that sounds like heresy when the Evolution name has always stood for an uncompromising, rally-bred, turbocharged sports sedan. But don't jump to the conclusion that this will be a terrible, halfhearted product that ruins the Evo name. It's a smart move for Mitsubishi, it could be the only way we get a performance vehicle from the company, and there's no reason it can't be good.

Creating an Evo version of a crossover, or even a standalone Evo model, simply makes the most sense for Mitsubishi right now. There's no sign that people are getting tired of little lifted automobiles, which means that's where the sales and money are. Because of that, crossovers are the only product that Mitsubishi can safely afford to invest in right now. As much as we'd like to see another Evo sedan, the company can't afford to sink a big development budget into a one-off sedan for the very small enthusiast market. Investing in a basic sedan to use as a base isn't a good idea either, since that market also continues to shrink, and it's populated with very competitive models.

Lexus Enters Indian Market, Flagship Ls Model To Become Available In 2018

Lexus Enters Indian Market, Flagship LS Model To Become Available In 2018

Lexus has officially made its debut in India, entering the world’s fastest-growing major economy with an initial range of two hybrids and one diesel model.

Lexus opted for the RX 450h, the ES 300h and LX 450d to introduce itself to Indian customers while the all-new LS 500h flagship was also previewed during the brand’s introductory event before being launched there in 2018.

Asimo Humanoid Robot Inspires Students To Become Tech Innovators

ASIMO Humanoid Robot Inspires Students to Become Tech InnovatorsAs Honda's ASIMO robot emerged waving from behind a sliding door, an audible gasp of surprise and excitement arose from the packed room of middle school students who had gathered at Honda Silicon Valley Lab for a special demonstration. While Honda's long-term plans for ASIMO are focused on helping humans with daily tasks, in the near-term Honda is hoping that ASIMO can inspire young people to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, collectively referred to as STEM. Watch the video of ASIMO's visit to Silicon Valley.

New Nissan Boss Wants Mitsubishi To Become A Key Player In U.s.

New Nissan Boss Wants Mitsubishi To Become A Key Player In U.S.

Nissan's new chief executive, Hiroto Saikawa, has bold plans for the company in post-Carlos Ghosn times.

Saikawa took office on April 1 and among his most immediate priorities are to expand the presence of Mitsubishi – Nissan's global partner – in the United States while also re-focusing Nissan's electric vehicle efforts.

Ex-foreign Ministry Official To Become Japan's Youngest Mayor At 28

Ex-Foreign Ministry official to become Japan's youngest mayor at 28A 28-year-old former Foreign Ministry official is set to become the youngest mayor in Japan after beating the 61-year-old incumbent in an election in Osaka Prefecture on Sunday.
Shuhei Azuma will assume office as mayor of Shijonawate in the western Japan prefecture on Friday, taking the title of the youngest municipal chief from Yonosuke Terui, 32, mayor of the town of Esashi in Hokkaido, according to the National Association of Towns and Villages as well as Japan Association of City Mayors.

Subaru Will Wait For Evs To Become More Popular Before Making One

Subaru Will Wait For EVs To Become More Popular Before Making OneSubaru is one of the very few car makers that doesn’t ramble on about its breakthroughs in vehicle hybridization and all-electric alternatives.
But that doesn’t mean the Fuji-owned company hasn’t got something planned to counter attack its competition when the time comes. According to, Subaru acknowledges that fully electric and hybrids make up just a small percentage of car sales, that’s why the company prefers to wait it out when it comes to EVs.

Electric Nissan Sports Car Could Become A Reality In 2020

Electric Nissan Sports Car Could Become A Reality In 2020According to a story from Autocar, Nissan could launch an all-electric sports car by 2020.
While speaking at the launch of Nissan's BladeGlider concept, director of electric vehicles for Nissan Europe, Gareth Dunsmore, revealed that the Japanese firm has the ability to produce an electric sports car now but demand for such a model is unlikely to warrant its creation before the turn of the decade.

Rumor : Nissan Patrol May Become America's Next Armada

Rumor : Nissan Patrol may become America's next ArmadaPlausible rumors are swirling that the Nissan Patrol, the Land Cruiser rival sold outside of North America, might come to the US as a replacement for the unrelated Nissan Armada. That large SUV's future was left ambiguous after the news of the Xterra's discontinuation, as Nissan's press release ominously promised information on the Armada "at a later date" without further elaboration. That left us scratching our heads and thinking that, perhaps, it would be quietly killed off in the future.

Yamada Takahiro Is Married, To Become A Father

Yamada Takahiro is married, to become a fatherASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION's Yamada Takahiro (B) married freelance announcer Nakada Aki this summer. The couple are expecting their first child together.
Nakada made the marriage and pregnancy announcement when she appeared on NTV's "Oha!4 NEWS LIVE" on November 13. She is due sometime next spring.