Nissan Nv400 Becomes Japan's First Electric Ambulance

Nissan NV400 becomes Japan's first electric ambulance

Consumer passenger cars aren't the only vehicles undergoing electric transformations. We've seen the introduction of early electric fire trucks, and now Japan is getting its first electric ambulance. It's a Nissan NV400, and it will be used by the Tokyo Fire Department at the Ikebukuro station.

Though badged as a Nissan, the NV400 is at its heart a Renault Master Z.E. electric van. The powertrain is the same as the French van with a 33-kilowatt-hour battery (7 kWhs less than the base Nissan Leaf) and a 55-kW motor driving the front wheels. That translates to 74 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. That doesn't sound like much, but in as dense a city as Tokyo, it's not likely the NV400 will be able to reach high speeds at all, even if it had a Hellcat engine.

Ohno Satoshi Becomes Popeye In Olive Oil Cm

Ohno Satoshi becomes Popeye in olive oil CM

The new CMs for 'AJINOMOTO Olive Oil Extra Virgin' and 'AJINOMOTO Olive Oil' stars Arashi's Ohno Satoshi. 

The two new CMs are in collaboration with American TV character Popeye. As such, Ohno becomes "Satoshi Popeye" and co-stars with Olive. 

Nissan Becomes Latest Oem To Pause Production Due To Coronavirus

Nissan becomes latest OEM to pause production due to coronavirus

TOKYO — Nissan will temporarily halt production at its plant in Kyushu, southwestern Japan, due to the coronavirus, the Nikkei newspaper said on Monday, as the outbreak starts to strain the global supply chain.

Nissan, the first automaker to halt production at a plant in Japan because of the outbreak, was finding it increasingly difficult to procure parts from China, the Nikkei said.

Orange Juice From Faucets Becomes Reality

Orange juice from faucets becomes reality

A long-running joke that orange juice flows like water in western Japan's Ehime Prefecture has come true.

Two faucets serving up the fruit juice have been set up at an orange festival that started in a department store in the city of Matsuyama on Saturday.

Abe Becomes Japan's Longest-serving Prime Minister

Abe becomes Japan's longest-serving prime minister

Shinzo Abe has become Japan's longest-serving prime minister, breaking a record set over a century ago. Prime Minister Abe's total tenure reached 2,887 days on Wednesday.

Abe told reporters on Wednesday morning, "Each and every day I have done my best to carry out the policies I promised the Japanese people I would. I believe I was able to reach this day through those efforts."

Abe Becomes Japan's Longest-serving Pm

Abe becomes Japan's longest-serving PM

Shinzo Abe has become Japan's longest-serving prime minister after breaking a record set more than a century ago.

Abe's total tenure reached 2,887 days on Wednesday. Abe first became prime minister in 2006 but resigned a year later over health issues. Since returning to the top post in December 2012, he has worked to revive the economy, promote work-style reforms and provide childcare support.

Mitag Becomes Low Pressure System, Brings Rain

Mitag becomes low pressure system, brings rain

Tropical Storm Mitag turned into a low pressure system over the Sea of Japan Thursday afternoon. But Japan's Meteorological Agency is still warning of localized heavy rains across parts of western Japan as well as the eastern and northern part of the country, where the system is headed.

The low pressure system is moving east over the sea, accompanied by a front. It is making the atmosphere in wide areas from western to northern Japan unstable and generating rainclouds in some areas.

10-year-old Go Pro Becomes Youngest To Win Match

10-year-old Go pro becomes youngest to win match

A 10-year-old Japanese girl has become the youngest professional player ever to win a match in an official "Go" tournament.

Sumire Nakamura became the youngest professional player of the board game Go in April, shortly after her 10th birthday.

Quake Damage Becomes Clear As Day Breaks

Quake damage becomes clear as day breaks

The damage caused by Tuesday's strong quake in northern Japan is becoming clear as the day breaks.

A video taken by an NHK helicopter crew shows houses with missing roof tiles in Tsuruoka City in Yamagata Prefecture.

Nissan Leaf Becomes The First Ev To Surpass 400,000 Sales

Nissan Leaf becomes the first EV to surpass 400,000 sales

Nissan said Tuesday that the Leaf surpassed 400,000 sales, making it the first electric vehicle to hit that sales plateau. Of course, it's also had a hefty head start over its closest competitors, the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevrolet Bolt, having first gone on sale in late 2010, and it has a few other advantages as well. Not to rain on the Leaf parade or anything.

Now in its second generation and sporting improved driving ranges, Nissan says Leaf owners have driven their cars more than 6.2 billion collective miles, equating to an estimated savings of 3.8 million barrels of oil per year. The battery-powered hatchback is now available in more than 50 markets across the world, with six new markets coming on board during the first half of 2019 in Latin America, and seven across Asia and Oceania by year's end. The Leaf was the best-selling EV in Europe in 2018 and the top-selling vehicle of any kind in Norway last year, Nissan says.