Abe Set To Begin Visit To Iran

Abe set to begin visit to Iran

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Iran from Wednesday to meet President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Abe will meet the two Iranian leaders in Tehran at a time of rising Middle East tensions caused by the rift between Iran and the United States.

Abe, Trump Begin Talks

Abe, Trump begin talks

The leaders of Japan and the US are sitting down for an official meeting. It's the third day of Donald Trump's state visit to Japan.

Earlier, he became the first foreign head of state to meet Japan's new Emperor who took the throne at the start of the month.

Toyota Will Begin Reproducing Parts For The Mkiii A70 And Mkvi A80 Supra

Toyota will begin reproducing parts for the MkIII A70 and MkVI A80 Supra

It seems the Japanese sports car wars are heating up once again, after nearly a 20-year hiatus, particularly with Toyota reviving the Supra. Not too long ago, Nissan's Nismo performance and heritage department recently revealed its efforts to reproduce classic parts for some of its vintage Skyline models. Now, it seems Toyota is following suit as Japanese Nostalgic Car reports that Toyota will soon start remaking parts for its MkIII A70 and MkIV A80 Supra at the Japanese launch of the current model last week.

Word came from head of Gazoo Racing, Shigeki Tomoyama, one of the developmental partners to the new Supra revival. Tomoyama announced the "GR Heritage Parts Project" at the event, which took place at Toyota's Megaweb showroom in Odaiba.

Applications For 2020 Olympics Tickets Begin

Applications for 2020 Olympics tickets begin

Online applications for tickets for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo have begun.

The official website for the ticket sales started accepting applications at 10 a.m. Thursday Japan time. The tickets are being sold through a lottery system.

Tepco To Begin Removing Fuel From Reactor Pool

TEPCO to begin removing fuel from reactor pool

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant will soon begin removing nuclear fuel from a storage pool inside one of the damaged reactor buildings at the complex.

Tokyo Electric Power Company will start removing fuel from the pool of the No.3 reactor building on Monday.

Local Election Campaigns Begin In Japan

Local election campaigns begin in Japan

Candidates vying to become prefectural governors in Japan are hitting the streets in their campaigns before elections next month.

It's part of unified local elections that are held across the country every four years. The prefectural and municipal polls this time are considered an opportunity for parties to gain momentum as they prepare for national elections later this year.

Hayabusa2 To Begin Descent Toward Asteroid

Hayabusa2 to begin descent toward asteroid

The Japanese space probe Hayabusa2 will soon begin its descent toward the asteroid Ryugu for a landing.

Hayabusa2 was launched in 2014 and arrived above Ryugu in June last year. The asteroid is about 300 million kilometers from Earth.

Workers Begin Repairing Kansai Airport Bridge

Workers begin repairing Kansai Airport bridge

Repair workers have begun attaching girders to the damaged bridge linking Kansai Airport in Osaka Bay and the mainland.

The road-rail bridge was damaged when a tanker drifted into it during a powerful typhoon in the area last September.

Qatar's Amir To Begin 3-day Visit To Japan

Qatar's amir to begin 3-day visit to Japan

Qatar's amir will start his three-day visit to Japan on Monday. He will likely call on the Japanese government and businesses to boost economic cooperation.

Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani is also scheduled to meet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Diet Panel To Begin Deliberating Immigration Bill

Diet panel to begin deliberating immigration bill

A committee of Japan's Lower House will begin deliberating a bill to allow more foreign workers into the country.

The head of the judicial affairs committee, Yasuhiro Hanashi, decided on the schedule on Thursday. A briefing on a draft revision of the immigration control law and questions by governing coalition lawmakers are scheduled for Friday.

Lawmakers Begin Deliberating Immigration Bill

Lawmakers begin deliberating immigration bill

Japanese lawmakers have begun deliberating a bill to bring more foreign workers into Japan starting in April of next year.

A draft revision to the Immigration Control Law was presented to a plenary session of the Lower House of the Diet on Tuesday.

Abe, Pence Begin Talks In Tokyo

Abe, Pence begin talks in Tokyo

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US Vice President Mike Pence are holding talks in Tokyo.

The meeting on Tuesday comes before they fly to Singapore for a series of summits with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.