Behind The Throne: The Imperial Couple's Lives

Behind the throne: The Imperial couple's lives

The new Emperor and Empress have both broken new ground as members of the Imperial family over the years. Here's a look at their lives.

Emperor Naruhito was born on February 23, 1960.

Ioc Stance Behind Takeda's Retirement

IOC stance behind Takeda's retirement

Pressure from the International Olympic Committee is believed to have been a factor in the Japanese Olympic Committee president's retirement.

On Tuesday, Tsunekazu Takeda said he will step down when his term expires in June. Takeda is under investigation by French authorities over corruption allegations in connection with Tokyo's successful bid for the 2020 Games.

Cognitive Problems Behind Fatal Car Accidents

Cognitive problems behind fatal car accidents

Japanese police say nearly half of the drivers aged 75 or older who caused fatal traffic accidents last year are suspected of having dementia or diminished cognitive abilities.

The National Police Agency says 414 of 460 drivers in this age group who caused fatal accidents in 2018 took cognitive ability tests. 20 of them were suspected of having dementia, with 184 suspected of having experienced a decline in cognitive ability. They account for 49 percent of the test-takers.

Experts: Many Factors Behind Typhoon Storm Surges

Experts: Many factors behind typhoon storm surges

Japanese researchers say multiple factors were behind the very high storm surges observed in western Japan during a powerful typhoon last week.

A team at the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience analyzed sea levels in the Kansai region when Typhoon Jebi hit on September 4th.

Living In The Moment: Takeru Sato Discusses The Remarkable Story Behind His New Role

Living in the moment: Takeru Sato discusses the remarkable story behind his new roleIn January 2007, two months before the couple were supposed to wed, the bride-to-be suddenly fell into a coma. The groom-to-be remained by her bedside and supported her recovery when she regained consciousness. After eight long years, Hisashi and Mai Nakahara finally tied the knot.

At the wedding, the groom was seen beside his new wife as she smiled in a wheelchair. Footage of the couple was posted on YouTube by staff at the wedding venue, and the story has moved so many people it has now been turned into a film.

Video: The Science Behind Lexus Structural Blue Paint

Video: The Science Behind Lexus Structural Blue Paint

It’s Friday, so let’s celebrate with the perfect Lexus documentary — friends, here is the story of the Structural Blue paint used on the Lexus LC:

It’s one thing to read about new paint technology, but it’s another to see an expertly crafted video on the subject — it takes eight months to produce enough Structural Blue paint for 300 Lexus LCs.

Nothing Can Stop 31-year-old Sales Manager Nakita Joshi: She Is A Driving Force Behind Nissan's Top Dealership With Hispanic Buyers

Nothing can stop 31-year-old sales manager Nakita Joshi: She is a driving force behind Nissan's top dealership with Hispanic buyers


Downey, Calif. – Downey Nissan leads the brand in volume sales to Hispanic customers, nearly doubling its sales to this important market segment in 2017. At close of October, Downey Nissan also was the frontrunner in the brand's Western region in year-to-date overall sales. A look at the faces behind this growth reveals a young, gender- and ethnically diverse team helmed by 31-year-old general sales manager, Nakita Joshi.

Sony’s Fs5 Is A Peak Performer Behind The Scenes Of True North

Sony’s FS5 is a Peak Performer Behind the Scenes of True NorthThe Workshop’s True North is an inspiring documentary about Sean Swarner, who in 2002 became the first cancer survivor to reach the top of Mount Everest. He’s kept climbing ever since spreading his encouraging message of hope. In a span of five years, the two-time cancer survivor with only one functioning lung scaled the Seven Summits, the highest mountains in each of the seven continents.

Behind The Scenes / Rockets Take Off Toward Commercialization

Behind the Scenes / Rockets take off toward commercialization

By Eiji Noyori and Kazuhiko Makita / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WritersOn July 30, Interstellar Technologies Inc., a start-up company based in Taiki, Hokkaido, conducted its first launch of a small rocket aiming for outer space. The rocket could not reach its target, but Interstellar Technologies expects to overcome that challenge in the next trial or later. There has been vigorous work in Japan's private sector to develop rockets that can reach space, and hopes for commercialization will be put to the test.

The small MOMO rocket, about 10 meters in length, was sent up in the evening from a test launch site in Taiki. However, about a minute into the flight, a malfunction occurred in which the rocket stopped transmitting location data, causing the engine to be shut off. It is estimated to have reached a maximum height of about 20 kilometers, which is far below the goal of outer space, which is 100 kilometers above the Earth.

Canon 6d Mark Ii Dynamic Range Falls Behind Modern Aps-c Cameras

Canon 6D Mark II dynamic range falls behind modern APS-C cameras

We've reported in recent years how Canon's newer sensor designs have started to close the dynamic range gap, compared with chips from the likes of Sony and Toshiba. Dynamic range isn't everything, of course: Canon's Dual Pixel sensors have brought advances in live view and video autofocus that for many people will be every bit as significant as the noticeable shortfall in Raw file malleability. But it was promising to see Canon getting competitive in an area where it had fallen behind.

Sadly though, it seems the benefits that appeared in the sensors used in the EOS 80D and EOS 5D IV have not been applied to the latest EOS 6D II, and the new camera has less dynamic range than we've become used to. Graphs plotted by regular DPR collaborator Bill Claff illustrate this pretty clearly. In this article, we're taking a look at what this might mean for your images.