Bento Booster / Tips For Meat-based Bento Fillers

Bento booster / Tips for meat-based bento fillers


Cooking expert Yuko Musashi offers tips on making meat-based bento lunch dishes for parents with growing children.

Musashi has twin boys. For six years when they were junior high school and high school students, making bento lunches was part of her daily routine.

Dad's Bento

Dad's BentoA father makes a lunch box for his daughter every day.
Based on a true story of a father who made a bento box (lunch box) for his daughter for 3 years in her high school days.

Thanko Usb Warming Bento Box Pouch

Thanko USB warming bento box pouch"Bento" is now a common word around the world, so many of you might know that bento box means a Japanese-style lunch box. Wouldn't it make you happy if you can eat a warm homemade lunch anytime you want without using a microwave oven?

'magewappa' Bento Boxes From Akita Form A French Connection

'Magewappa' bento boxes from Akita form a French connectionTraditional “magewappa” bento boxes, an Akita specialty extolled in a folk song, are gaining popularity in France thanks largely to a shop owner in Kyoto.
Annual sales of the boxes in France have risen from 30 three years ago to around 300, most of them purchased by individuals, according to Oodate Kougeisya, a major producer of the boxes in Odate.

Tokyo Retailer To Offer Largest Bento Retail Space

Tokyo retailer to offer largest bento retail spaceA department store next to a major railway terminal in Tokyo is opening an expanded retail space that offers more than 1,000 varieties of bento, or boxed meals.

Daimaru showed the new section of its store adjacent to Tokyo Station to the media on Tuesday, one day before the official public opening.

Bento With Mustard, Soy Sauce-flavored Pork

Bento with mustard, soy sauce-flavored porkTime-saving tips appeal to most of us in fast-paced modern Japan. Yet we do not want to sacrifice taste or our health. Making packed lunches involves many time-saving techniques. Using just a frying pan, cooking expert Megumi Fujii whips up a colorful box lunch with pork, egg and vegetables.